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    gummipingvin got a reaction from altoid in Feedback for raiwa   
    First I bought a module from Rainer, excellent replies - fast service, and very good communication.

    Raiwa more than exceeded my expectations, after some problems with installation due to our heavily modded shop - which the module was not made for - he installed it for us, with very good documentation and testing.
    After this we asked for some modifications to the module, everything have been done very professional.

    Can't find anything to put a finger on - so can warmly recommend anyone to use him for any OsC work!
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    gummipingvin reacted to clustersolutions in ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media   
    What ever you are saying I am not following, but usually toggling the caching scheme should fix your problem (in between toggling you can delete the cache file). Now, without knowing your OSC/PHP and etc. version, check out this post as you may need to update some sqlite functions. I suspect you have other issues, BS or no BS it should be the same.
    Performance!? That's an interesting question as it also depends on your hosting plan/server power...memcache should be the best and to me I luv throwing hardware at increasing performance as it is still the least expensive. Well how about a multi-tier with MySQL on raw devices...well, they are all good until you hit a bottle neck...you get my point...my $0.02.