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  1. Is everything else working fine? Could it be your .htaccess file?
  2. Side question, anyone knows if I can somehow easy "redirect" the product review links we have with -pr- into our -p- pages (Product-info.php) ? We don't use the reviews, so it makes no sense, but apperaently we have alot of links to these and now I get alot of errors in Google Webmaster tools for these not working, I tried just to send it to product_info.php in the .htaccess file, but that did not work, it just sents me to the frontpage? :) Anyone with insight in the module that can help me? :)
  3. For reference and if others experience problems, I fixed this SQLite problem by updating the USU5 and following the fixes in this thread: So thank you for the solution @@clustersolutions, it did the trick!
  4. Hello Jack, I now have this working, but I feel like something is not really like what it should be :) 1. Page loads are almost double of what it was before, before it was ~3-4s now it loads at ~5-6s Could it the cache function not working? where is it storing the cache? I triede several tests for the same page, so it should load the cache. I tried to Enable Performance Checker and also puttig it in the includes/application_bottom.php file, but it doesn't show anything, but the paths, categories etc. are all "correct" with the links? Also sometimes in Admin section when changing settings or clicking different settings it gives me a "blank screen" with no content - but also no PHP errors? :o! Any suggestions what could be wrong? Last thing, in my language I have alot of special "signs" any chance I could change these into specific signs? Like å could be changed into a - ø to o etc. :) ?
  5. You are the best Jack! Thanks alot, I am already working on it, so I can have more of your modules installed, I will contact you when I'm done with the free modules, and see if we can do some business I think, just looked through your website! Great work with all the contribs!
  6. Hello Jack, We have been using USU5 for a long time... but it's outdated, and alot of other good modules are not compatible with it anymore, so we are thinking of changing into this contribution (great work and support for such a long time btw!) BUT my main concern is, how does it work with not-breaking our old links and SEO ranking? Anyone have any experience on this part? As long as the old links will still work, I am not that concerned, but I am not really 100% sure how this module works, with our current module this links looks like this: https://www.XXX.xx/tilbehoer/toyota-corolla-e12-alupedaler-oe-toyota-p-123931.html And as long as the product ID is correct, the link works, is it the same with this contrib? Because then I don't see any problems in changing... thanks! :)
  7. @@clustersolutions Thank you for the reply, yeah sorry, I am not sure what the excact problem is, so a little hard to explain :o But let me try rephrase :) Everything worked fine, then we corrupted the "sqlite" cache file, thought we could just delete it or try reset it, and then it would create a new cachefile? But it doesn't happen, so I guess my problem is just that it won't make a new cachefile. It works like it should, just doesn't create sqlite cache file, I can use the "file" option for cache and that works without any problems at all. You are probably right, hardware have in the past proven to be the best way to spend money on performance, we have no real issues with the speed, just curious if I should spend more time on fixing sqlite caching, or file-caching was just as good, or it would be worth having memcache installed on our server :)
  8. Double post :o/
  9. I need help :o! We have been using this module for some years, now working on a brand new website, we integreated this contribution without problems, but due some Github synching, the "sqlite" cache file was corrupted, so now it doesn't work, if we remove the cache file, it works perfect, trying to reset the cache doesn't work, and when removing it or changing it, it doesn't create a new cache file? Any ideas on how to "force" it to create a new cache file? Side-question, which cache type is the best to use for the best performance of the website? 50.000+ products :)