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  1. Texan78

    Login/create profile page

    I've already tried that but couldnt get it to work. I have seen several other sites like that and found a thread on it but cant seem to find it now.
  2. Can someone point me in the direction to a contribution that will allow me to do this https://www.homewetbar.com/login.php?osCsid...4909f084ebe2335 I have searched but thier are so many and no screen shots i dont know which is which and what exactly they do. Thanks
  3. Texan78

    Images in product description

    Could you point me in the direction to one. I know what i wanna do but have no idea what exactly im looking for. If would be easier if these mods came with screen shots or a little better organzation in the contributions section.
  4. Texan78

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi, I'm trying to install this and in the directions it says "Open both invoice.php and packingslip.php language files and modify them where instructed in the files. You will need to change the store's logo to match yours among other edits as well". I dont have a invoice.php or packingslip.php. Could you tell me where to find these as they are not in my language dir. Is thier another mod i need to install first?
  5. I have done searches but cant seem to find what im looking for or what i need. I would like to add a image in with the product description. Even though its excepts html it does accept img tags or is their someway else to do it.
  6. Texan78

    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    Yes i am getting the same thing. Is thier a fix for this yet. Keith are you still interested in what we talked about in emails?
  7. Texan78

    Product Dist. List

    so i guess theirs not one?
  8. Texan78

    Product Dist. List

    Is thier a Contribution or some way when your enter in a product in the catalog you can add the distrubutor of the product within the admin panel that customers couldnt see. Like im setting up my store now and i have several different dist i will be working with. It would be easy to keep track of what products go with what dist. Thanks