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  1. Please explain to forum readers how there is no direct contact info for amazon payments systems. Can you also explain to the readers how log in cookies are not separate on the payment site vs amazon seller account..so it becomes very difficult to log back and forth between sites. Can you also explain the terms of agreement limit what can be sold using aps. If found in violation you account funds will be held for 180 days. Once blocked the account is no longer viewable by amazon support staff and no information can be conveyed.


    Can you explain that aps has a sub called cba but they dont share information or emails. That no one knows who is who when contacting amazon and they dont record emails sent by cba on either amazon or aps.

  2. after years of fighting with usps.com they informed me today that just because you have a user id it doesnt mean that you have all the permissions, you have to request in writing (email) to be allowed international rates etc. see if that helps.. send them an email and ask for the upgrade. I still cant get first class rates to canada but am now getting priority rates.. my customers simply wont pay 25 dollars for a 4ounce first class letter that figures at 1.85 base cost. IF i am losing money, how much of this ignorance is contributing to the billions in lost revenue the post office is suffering.