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  1. pcferreira

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    The problem is here: $cart->reset(true); I put this line in checkout_sucess.php and now my cart is reseted.
  2. pcferreira

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi.... I just read all the posts but I didn't find a solution to my problem. After I made the changes in checkout_process.php, my shopping cart doesn't reset anymore. I mean, I buy a product and after finishing the order the product still remains in my shopping cart..... Everything else is working great.... My site is: www.rpgz.com.br/shop/ Thanks. -- PC
  3. pcferreira

    Country-State Selector

    Forget about it!!! Now it is working fine.... don't ask me why... hehehehe Thank u anyway. -- PC
  4. pcferreira

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Steve. Sorry for my english. I am from Brazil... I made all the changes in the README but I can't see the page create_account.php after the replacements. I made them again but it didn't work anyway. So could you help me? I can send you my create_account.php so you can take look... Thanks a lot. PS: The other changes are working great! -- PC