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  1. julbukki

    sending greeting cards

    I have been serching but could not find contribution for this purpose. This would add some new value for customers and maybe add some traffic into site. Idea is to send free greeting card from oscommerce shop. This is just service for customers. Its also kind of invitation to someone else to visit the site. I found php code called phpPowerCards 2.0 Maybe this could be implemented into osc? For my problem there is that i cant do php coding. If someone who knows this might not be such a big job. It could be in own page and so for. Hopefully someone understands my meanings and look into this. Thansk!
  2. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    this is how mine looks now: It should be now same i copied from this message and still it gives me following errors:
  3. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I think we are (or actually you are) getting close. Now it seemed calculate it right when i removed this one item (yet still there is in very first time i open OE that total amount in tax row). But when i tried to add product i got this: Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /****/edit_orders.php on line 676 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /****/admin/edit_orders.php:676) in /****/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 20 So its pointing into this last addition. Any ideas?
  4. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Here is result: First it showed that tax (alv%) again in same amount than total then i went and again removed one item and now it seemed correct that but tax was wrong ok i forget to manually add tax so i did and hitted update button this happend. Now it calculates that tax wrongly. There is correct amount in side.
  5. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Ok here is image. Latest order is not opened with OE.
  6. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This is just when i first time open OE. When i hit update it adds that total from tax line into new total so its about douple. Here is shot after i remove one item from this order.
  7. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Ok. Here it is.
  8. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Sorry about image! i dont understand what you mean by "diplay prices.." settings? At "my store" there is selection Display Prices with Tax and it is set true. So that is set true. I only use one tax class. That is 22%. And its valid for every customer. Then i have posting what is also taxed with 22%. Then there is one payment method (COD) what adds 3.60? into orders and that is also taxed with 22%. if you need to see that image give me intructions where to mail it or how to post it.
  9. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Here is screencapture about how taxes get handled. Some how it puts the whole total into this tax 22% at first time. I dont know what should i place into this single emptybox (percent or total). And then if i go ahean it adds this tax 22% into total so it douples the total. I did updated into this latest 2_2_1 version. Any ideas how to correct this? <bluenotemkvi - removed link to image>
  10. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Yes i have latest and i have only 1 tax rate set. I did look up the code and there were in some place some calculations made with fixed number 16. Isnt that Germany tax? Why it is hardcoded into it? Did you mean something like that in your answer? I do have this cone cod mod what has also own tax incl. price. I dont know if this is that problem. I also noticed that there is some misscalculation (or maybe its because this hardcode mode). So i guess i just have to keep on waiting that there is working version for me (i dont know the code well enuff to work on my own). I hope somebody finds the time to fix this cause this mode is really important and actually i think it should included in osc main release.
  11. julbukki

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Please help me out! Iam not sure if iam the only one to have yet this same problem. I have tried this contrb. earlier and couldn get it work so no as there where new version i tried again same result! No go! But as it was described it should work now for us to use tax inc in catalog. So iam lost how come this dosent work. This is what i got: When i tkae out order to edit it seems ok. Only one thing is strange in total field there is headline like posting payment method and for me tax 22%. In this tax field there is actual total. But so far the amount is correct. If i do some changes then there comes one more line what is indicating new total and its douple or something what it should be. Now it seems to add that old tax field (what was the actual total already) and so the new toatl just keeps growing. I dont have a clue what is going on. I do have now in this 2_1 version line 24 country selected as "DE". The other german stuff i did not quit understand and it gave me an error that some germanbt table missing so i changhed that into false. Have anyone got this working when catalog is showing taxes already?
  12. julbukki

    Monthly Sales & Tax version 2

    Is still thread still alive? For me this cont. is calculating taxes wrong. I have 22% sales tax and in shop i have option on that prices are shown with taxes. Summary lines says: gross sales 136,42 this is ok but it says taxes are 22,18 as it should be 24,59 (136,42*0,1803) As iam new in php i cant figure out where are these calculation made. CAn you help me out? i have latest 2.2 version
  13. julbukki

    still tax problem

    I just installed this. I noticed there have been earlier problems with tax or related. I dont know if this issue have been up earlier but sense these thread is impossible to follow (it would take a week or so) but yet this contribution is important to all of us someday anyway. My prob: When i update a new order it kind of doubles the totals. This happends as in totals component it states that totals are 10? then post 1? shipping 1?. If i add a product 5?. Next it will add the whole sales tax again and this keeps getting up. Hope you got what i ment. Like in line that it says tax it actually states total with tax so thats why its so big sum after all. I installed latest 1,75a bug fix and got other tax problem solved. Hope somebody could help me.
  14. julbukki

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    I installed this and got it working after a little work. Couple questions: In admin settings if i change listing settings it really dosent effect anywere! Is there something wrong? Is there a way to handle news page so that now if i have one image there i would like to text wrap underneth there insted now if i have little more text it is just big narrow line down and people have to scroll to see it. btw i noticed that if i have a image that i want use already uploaded and just give a name into this contributions options it overwrites image files into empty file! another suggestion is that now when these optional languages are "hardcoded" for me my native and only language was id4 so i got all the exsamples in france i think. They werent too helpfull for me. one more thing how come this support thread is listed like this? It is impossible to find anything from there
  15. Help needed. I upgraded osc in this latest patch release. After that (or somewhere along) i got strange problem. In my store giftwrap is showing ok and also it seems to be working ok (finally). But as i go into module page in admin section it says giftwrap is not installed. As i now click to install it does nothing. In beginning it gave me parse error in general.php but after going trough all giftwrap files manually again now it does not give an error and sametime it does not work either. As iam just trying to open and i tgough i would not serve giftwrap option in the beginning so i really neede to be uninstalled at beginning. Can someone who knows how this component is installed tell me where to look this little problem? Thanks!