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    I was just looking into this. Could I get a screenshot? It allows you to quickly update price/stock via quantity boxes in the admin or something to this effect?
  2. misterbling

    Margin Report v2.10

    This mod is in PDF!!??? I'm going insane. Have to transfer to notepad and do line by f****** LINE! WHAT?! :blink: Destined to crash many sites. Thanks to a great contribution and a REALLY STUPID execution thereof. :angry:
  3. misterbling

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    It's not my work I ws just able to track down Jeff whom made this. I don't see why not on international shipping. You really need to read the endicia documentation on this to understand the XML format they need. their documentation is located in pdf format here
  4. misterbling


    Yes :D Lets get this going, contribution added but needs to be built on! http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=196596
  5. Directions would be great. If you could even wrap instructions into your mod it might really take off.
  6. Please do look into this. We need this mod as well and are using your ACA for a couple things, I'd hate to now remove it. I tried looking at making the module for this contrib but looks pretty Greek.
  7. misterbling

    Gift certificate voucher problem

    In contributions it's the highest downloaded mod. Please someone help me where to look to solve this.
  8. Hey all; The voucher is working great. But the successfully applied field comes up blank, whether an error or success. I know it's a real simple error on my part. I can't for the life of me figure it out. Where do I need to look. Where does it come from (file) Pic attached. Also the info doesn't popup.
  9. Solved the disappearing problem. Was the functions/general.php and that was screwing with the categories.php
  10. Jack; Yes, it's not a scroll bar. And I AM using the one in the contribution. Please help. I can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem as I am using the contribution file. :blink:
  11. Great Contribution. Probably the best SEO feature and should absolutely be core code. I ran into a problem and just can't get it to work and don't see anyone else here with it. Everything works perfectly until I want to edit a category, it's drivin me nuts. When I hit the "edit" button for a category it isappears. Using admin/categories.php for 2.5.5d Pics attached.
  12. misterbling

    osc and phpbb

    There are actualy 2 mods for this. I was able to combine both so that while signing up the customers can put in a forum username in the regular store signup. Then it automatically would put the user into the database on a subdomain. Notice over 300 registered and only 1 post by me LOL :D Signup here; http://www.misterbling.com Username windups here automatically; http://www.forum.misterbling.com If you want something like this pm me and I'll try to find the 2 contribs specifically. Why on a subdomain? Google sees as a seperate website alltogether. You could do to an entirely different website too, just have to share the same database.
  13. Hello I noticed this difference. http://www.misterbling.com/bling-skull-necklace-p-18.html http://www.misterbling.com/bling-skull-nec...8.html?cPath=14 I thought was just me but the post earlier in this thread about a newly installed store showed the same thing in a deeply listed product http://www.bruinenfit.nl/shop/corsa-p-29.html?cPath=21_22 Just installed and am going to tinker with it on a test site but just curious about this.
  14. Hello all; I basically left zencart for this contribution. That and they felt that sefu optimization had no bearing on search engines even as google says as much themselves. So thanks so much I've seen this drastically improve my rankings. Question though. As I get indexed I notice google putting A Lot of effort on my reviews. Don't know why exactly but would like to help it out. example: /product_reviews.php?products_id=9 How hard would it be to implement this mod for product reviews? Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.