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  1. jcgrant

    Margin Report v2.10

    Why the hell are the instructions in PDF!! Its awful and certainly not the best way to copy the code. I have my admin heavily modded and the margin report clashes with mods like ultrapics from maxi dvd. Has anyone installed the margin report with these mods installed? I tried last time and the whole thing ruined my store, i had to roll back and reinstall a few mods again. any advice appreciated.
  2. jcgrant

    Please help!

    Can anyone help why this is happening? I am using ultrpics contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1642/ I am using SSL so the admin directory is not in the same directory as the catalog. Is this the problem?
  3. jcgrant

    Credit Card Processing

    Hi, What do you think to worldpay. I am thinking of signing up. Are they quite strict on their requirements i.e is it like applying for a normal merchant account at a bank where they need references from your business etc.. I starting up so I would like to know what worldpay are like. Is the service good now your signed up, is it easy to use?
  4. jcgrant

    Credit Card Processing

    Hi, I work for an online retailer, they turn over 180m a year in the UK. The company use cybersource - www.cybersource.co.uk, for their payment processing. This is simply a click on the site and it connects to the bank, not taking you anywhere near an external site. I am in the process of setting up a site, and looking into the payment solutions. Worldpay do seem expensive, and paypal seems perfect, easy but again takes you away from the site which just seems so unprofessional! I believe you would need a merchant account for cybersource. But im sure this wont be an issue and if you have in house development they should do it quite easily? Have you had any luck so far?