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  1. That original code is the code that does not seem to work on my site. I cut and pasted back in the 72 hr part but nothing happens as before. <_<
  2. Maureen, Have you had a chance to discover anything new regarding the purge 72 problem?
  3. Maureen, thanks for offering this solution. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work for me. Still doesn't seem to affect the database when I click the link. Did that code work for your site?
  4. I am using v1.40.2 and most seems to work well except none of the purge functions work. Is "purge all records past 72 hours" working for others in this version? No error message, just no respose to clicking the links. Jim
  5. Feste

    [Support] TrustCommerce payment module

    Jared, I think it is partly related to the rounding function you added around line 443 in trustcommerce.php module file. I replaced that line with the old line from version 1.1.5 and it may have cleared up that issue. But would leave the problem it was meant to solve still present. Jim