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  1. Just released this as referenced in my previous post in the 'Custom Computer Creator 7' thread. This is basically the same idea, but much easier to customise to your needs, feedback please 8) And if anyone is interested in making a donation, thats always appreciated too :lol:
  2. kjun

    Best custom pc creator?

    There are two so far as im aware, mine and stephens, both can be found in the contributions section, under 'C' for 'Custom' or you could search this forum for the links. Id suggest getting both and reading the documentation to see which will suit your needs better. The readme in my contribution details the main differences between the two. It would also be nice to see the powered by os commerce message at the bottom of your site that you have removed :roll:
  3. For this to work properly you need to add the changes as documented (confusingly) in the original document from stephen walker. This document is included with my custom PC Creator, so you should be able to add them without too much trouble, I'll try to make it easier to understand and update my contribution with an improved readme when i get chance Thanks for pointing this out tails
  4. Jason, sounds like it works for you how I intended it, excellent :)
  5. Warren, I believe the things that you asked about were mentioned in the readme.txt of my package, I personally dont need those functions, and atm the immediate focus for me is to get my employers site live However, I hope to have the time to either add these things later, or maybe some one else will take my code and add them, there is probably only a little bit of work required for that cheers for the feedback though anyway :)
  6. This part of the code works the same as the original version, basically, You create your products for the creator as normal OSC products, creating a category for each of the categories in the list. Then you give each category an id within admin that matches the relevant product category id from OSC I hope that explains it, if you still have trouble Lloyd drop me another email and i'll try to guide you through it better. :)
  7. Had to disappear a bit too early before, due to moving office, heres the link http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1135
  8. I was saving this, but ive neared completion on a new version of this contribution. I was working on implementing it in its present state into my employers site, but as many of you have found, it is just too much hassle to deploy it straight away and customise it. I decided to spend some time stripping it down to bare code, optimising the functions, and making it much easier to adapt. Hopefully i should be ready to make my first release this week wed/thur (2nd or 3rd April) but dont hold me to it ;) Remember Im doing this for me, and in the GNU spirit making what I do avalible for others to help the community, please send any abuse you might think i warrant to /dev/null ta. Anyway, to look at, my code appears to do the same as the original, however, i can already add new catergories simply by adding another row to a database table using phpmyadmin, depending on time constraints I may make it possible to add catergories from the OSC admin panel, but ill see what I can get done in the time, otherwise that may be in a later release (when i fix all the bugs you wonderful people will be happy to point out to me) :D
  9. Would it be possible for me to see your ccc code and sql crayln? Im interested in how you've expanded it. I'm thinking of expanding this module to be much easier to customise, but it would be good to see what steps you have already taken. Id be greatful if you'd either host a zip of your source (just the ccc related files) and a backup of your database, or possibly email it too me? lmk :)