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    Linkpoint API

    so i am using LinkpointMS1andMS2 with OSComemrce 2.2 MS2 I have yet to have it working properly... THe cart submits the order fine every time but it never actually seeems to charge the card ... i get the eamils from the store as if the but the admin email confiming the order is blank and only contains: any help is appreciated ... the store is located at .. https://www.icecomputercafe.com/store/ wanted to update this ... i trouble shot this with my host a bit and they opened port 1129 on thier firewall and have specifically allowed all traffic to secure.linkpt.net and once they did that i asked them to monitor traffic on that port as i performed a few transactions .. they indicated they never saw any traffic on the port over the course of about 10 transactions ... this seems like it points to some sort of misconfiguration of the script ...any help appreciated!!! thanx!! spoke to linkpoint tech support but they werent much help ..... ugh ....
  2. I noticed my question was asked on a similar thread that mibble responded to with I havent used apostrophes but i think i may have used the categories incorrectly ... i used the model of for the categories, so the model looks right but i end up with duplicate products... forinstance If before the upload the product lived in v_categories_name_1 = Rocks and after the upload i changed it to v_categories_name_1 = Rocks v_categories_name_2 = Sedimentary Rocks v_categories_name_3 = Limestone Rocks i would end up with the same product in both categories how should this be fixed? any suggestions? Question if i upload an EP file with NO products on it will my store be empty or will it make no changes to the current store ? also i want to post a method for some users to use that are intimidated by looking at the EP file ... i created 2 spread sheets www.nolagraphics.com/ep 1) the EP template file as blank(the header row may be different for your store so download a complete file from your store and delete everything except the header row) 2) a modified EP template file broken into worksheets and saved as an excel file for human readable format ;) This allows you to seperate each category and view your products easier (the header row may be differnt from your store so use this only as a model to create your own, new worksheets <which is what i am using there> can be created in excel by selecting INSERT-->WORKSHEET, further more they can be named your category name by dbl clicking on the tab at the bottom) Just to state it cause theres always gonna be that one person who tries .. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS FILE VIA EP It may cause issues.. this is only to keep your inventory more organized after editing your human readable format file copy and paste all rows into the EPtemplate file for each worksheet ... and then VIOLA you have built and updated your products...