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  1. Sorted the above problems. Error free page layouts were displayed when I repositioned the block of code destined for checkout_success.php. I had originally put the block of code a few lines before the $breadcrumb. But when i put the block of code IMMEDIATELY before the $breadcrumb then the errors disappeared. And you guys thought you had made the install instructions idiot proof..... :rolleyes:
  2. ReHi Just to add to my post above that I also get the same purchasing in nochex: NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_PENDING and on the page: NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_PENDING NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_PENDING Any advice would help. TIA
  3. Hi Can anyone spot where I am going wrong? I have nochex running alongside PayPal Now when I buy something through PayPal everything appears to work until I am 'returned to merchant' and come to the chechout_success.php page Here I get: Home>>Store>>checkout: NAVBAR_TITLE_2 wth: HEADING_TITLE TEXT_SUCCESS on the page. Now I have checked the checkout_success.php to make sure that all the instances (3) of NAVBAR_TITLE_2 & HEADING_TITLE & TEXT_SUCCESS have an $ at the start and I have installed the code before the $breadcrumb. Any clues as to why the above is happening? TIA
  4. Thanks - Thought I had better make sure. :D
  5. Hi Tried looking through the other posts but this doesnt seem to be covered... Is this contrib supposed to be applied to an osc install on its own to run as the sole payment system or is it able to be on the page as a payment option/radio button alongside, say, PayPal, wolrdpay, etc TIA