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  1. illmatixx

    [Contribution] Infobox Skin Manager

    will there be any support for transparent gif format ? because i get problems with round edges... usually its not a big deal because i set the corners of the boxes to the backgroung color. but there are problems when a box is viewed within a box. like in the empty shopping cart box. your help would be very appriciated. greez, illmatixx
  2. illmatixx

    Pass osCommerce session IDs into Flash

    thanks i will try that, even though it seems more like a work-aroung than a solution. illmatixx
  3. illmatixx

    Pass osCommerce session IDs into Flash

    Same prob here.. doesnt show the ID in the Adressbar "catalog/index.php&oscid=" when a flash link has been clicked, but still remembers the content of the shoppingcart. "seems to work ok" any solution to the "continue shopping" button that sends you to Flash_variables.php?