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  1. maxrisc

    ebay auction lister

    Actually it was because I had a couple of requests to support 800x600 including column left. It's a lot easier to tell someone to invest in a bigger screen than my time to rewrite an admin interface. I did post the code to the contributions section here but it looks like it was never accepted. I can think of all kinds of reasons why it wasn't but it sure would be nice knowing why no one bothered to accept it or to even email me and tell me why it wasn't. ::shrugs::
  2. maxrisc

    Ebay token

    Option #2 is illegal and I wouldn't advise it. Everything else however I have a standalone module for on my website. HTH David
  3. I created a site for this which handles the US version of eBay.com. You can get to the site at auctionlisterpro.com I created a central forum for support. It's fully osCommerce MS2.2 compatible and is available for free. Don't forget to thank Ms. Lener for writing it. - David
  4. maxrisc

    ebay auction lister

    I posted all of the osCommerce files in the Download section last week. Give it a try and see how you like it. All the best, David
  5. maxrisc

    ebay auction lister

    Hi James, I have taken over the US based version of this software as a free module for osCommerce based shopping carts. I am in the testing phase now with eBay. My website has all the details you will need for information on running this software on eBay US. You can visit the site at http://auctionlisterpro.com. It's a free software package that will get your cart listing on eBay with a few simple steps. Hope this helps, David.
  6. maxrisc

    Ebay integration

    What contribution are you using? What country are you in?
  7. I am working on the US version of this script. I like what was done and I am fixing all the problems with using it in the US. If anyone else would like this contribution please message me and I will give you more information. I did email Andreas with regard to using this but I have not heard back from her. I would be more than happy to throw some contributions her way for getting the ball rolling.
  8. So basically there are a lot of inconsistencies with using this on CRE Loaded that will need to be sorted out in time. So what I have done is set up a testdev environment and I am rewriting the code to make it work with osCommerce MS2.2 (english) out of the box so to speak. Once that is complete I will convert it to use on CRE Loaded 6.2. That shouldn't be a big deal once it is working. My progress so far... I have already translated a few pages and established a connection with eBay sandbox US (push/pull). That part is working ok. Now it is a matter of "fixing" the scripts to work with standard OSC using its variables and locales, translating them to proper English since literal German doesn't read right :-), and fixing the bugs in the scripts as I locate them. All in all it should take a couple of days to sort this out and get it working for the most part. I see this as a valuable alternative to Auction Blox for folks using a stock osCommerce Shopping Cart. It's a feature I really need for a cart I am working on with a tight budget. I would like to ultimately have this as a drop in script for osc ms2.2 so it doesn't require anything other than an upload of some files and a SQL change. You can check my profile for a link to my website where I will be posting developer notes since I am not in with the group as much as I used to be.
  9. Seems to be a bug in admin/includes/column_left.php I am using CRE Loaded so I will post the fix once I have it up and running. It's been a couple of years since I hacked osCommerce. :)
  10. Ok so I copied all the files over and made the database changes by hand. But I don't see how to use this option. I would like to get this working on eBay.com as all my business is done there. Any ideas as to how I would go about listing a product on eBay with this contribution? I am willing to translate it and debug it if I can get it somewhat working. Thanks
  11. maxrisc

    PayPal IPN Subscription

    I had the fix for this the other day but I am cannot find it at the moment. Hang on and I will see what I can do. Dave