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  1. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    You tried my link, but did you replace the x's with your own encrypted password...? Hmm.. I'm not sure if you already tried this, but in order to get this to work you have to turn your cookies off, then actually log in with your username and password - in the address bar then you'll see your encrypted password.... then replace the x's in my previous link with that password and it should work, and my username with your username and it should work.
  2. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Also, a possible idea for the 'timing' problem, you could perhaps have a page on the admin side that stays open and uses javascript perhaps to open the ebay auction .php page and refresh it every 30 minutes, to keep itself updated... maybe not the most elegant solution, but it would function.
  3. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Don't let them discourage you smitty, I think you've got a good idea here. It looks like we're having a little 'contribution rivalry' - anyway, I was just poking around Ebay today and I found you can pass your password through the address bar... although it has to be encoded somehow, so if we can figure out this how to encrypt the password in the way that ebay wants to see it, this should fix the password issue. I don't see this as changing, either, since eBay will need to have a way to function for users without cookies. i.e.: http://contact.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ReturnUserEmail&requested=jwphotovideo&de=off&iid=2926539763&frm=366&acceptcookie=0&loginconfirmed=0&pass=XXXXXXXXXXX/&userid=dmg@dm-gremlin.com As you can see, I changed my password to X's - in case someone figures out how it's encoded, but this is the link that would need to be followed to find the email information page for 'jwphotovideo'... anyways, give it a go and see what you think. Actually, perhaps it wouldn't be necessary to figure out the encryption... since you can pretty easily see what your own encrypted eBay password looks like in the address bar, you could just have each user copy that bit and paste it into a definitions part in your .php file so that the program sends this unique information when trying to request the email info page. Well, perhaps one more piece in the puzzle.
  4. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    One good place where I check out SQL commands is in PHPMyAdmin - whenever I take any action using the html buttons, it shows me up at the top what the SQL command that it executed was... I've used this a few times to figure out the proper way to state a query. I'll look into the cookie thing. I was just reading up on cookies, trying to modify the PWA mod... I hope all is going well -D. M.
  5. I thnk one problem that might happen is if the order_info doesn't check for a password, it would be possible for a purchase/w/o/acocunt user to create a 'temporary' account with the same email address as someone else... then if that temporary account weren't cleared from the database, say because of someone exiting the shop before checkout was finished, then you'd have two accounts with the same email address - thus potentially making it impossible for the 'real' account to log in. If someone can tell me why this wouldn't be an issue, then there would be no sense in keeping the password check. What would be ideal is if all the customer information were stored in a cookie instead of stored to the database... that would finally clear up the last of the problems with the PWA mod.
  6. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Hey smitty, this mod kicks ass - I've got it up on my site if anyone wants to see another working example: http://www.dm-gremlin.com/sales/current_auctions.php The ideas I have to fully implement this as per your suggestions are a little beyond my abilities to program unfortunately, but I'm going to spew forth a few thoughts anyway... the first issue would be to figure out how to get osC to automatically read when the ebay auction closes. As it stands now, the script only calls (I think) data from the ebay page when the current_auctions.php page is loaded - meaning if you were to put something in the current_auctions.php script to detect when the auction closed... and nobody opened that page after the auction closed, it wouldn't know the auction was over... so you'd have to put it somewhere else. once this issue is solved, the next step I suppose would be at the auction closing time, to parse all the information and create a product - perhaps a hidden product like it was discussed earlier in this thread - and a user account that can access that product... finally, the script would send the login details to the buyer (also possibly a problem, since you have to be logged into ebay to access the buyer's email address). Hmm... step two seems difficult, but understandable... I have no idea how I would go about solving step one and three, though I'm sure if we all put our heads together we can figure it out.
  7. I already left easy instructions on how to intigrate this contribution with Multi-Vendor shipping, and as I explained above - I'm not modding anything for MS2 at this time. You should be able to apply the same mods that were used in this topic to get this contribution to work with MS2 to get Multi-Vendor to work with MS2 - but I'm not sure. You might try looking at what mods needed to be made to the other shipping contributions (like the fedex one for example) for MS2 to give an idea of what needs to be changed in Multi-Vendor.
  8. Curl on my server is located at: "/usr/bin/curl" So when the script runs I get the typical: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /home2/dmg/public_html/test/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php on line 165 error. I noticed that the Airborne Express contribution has in it's code a part that calls for Curl in /usr/bin/curl I.E.: exec("/usr/bin/curl -d "$request" https://eCommerce.airborne.com/$api", $response); Is there a way to modify the Curl calls in this Fedex contribution to call Curl from /usr/bin/Curl...? function _AccessFedex($data) { $ch = curl_init(); and so on is where the calls take place in this fedex module... I tried changing all the calls to something like: $ch = exec("/usr/bin/curl -d curl_init()"); while that removed the error message, it didn't seem to work (no data in the $reply string)... of course I was just guessing. I have no idea how to call a Curl command, much less from a specific location. Any ideas?
  9. I see 'This enables you to choose from the several shipping methods Airborne offers: Ground, Second Day Service, Next Afternoon, Express, Express 10:30 AM, and Express Saturday' in the methods availble in the docs... but will this module handle international shipping?
  10. Aside from trying that mod I was talking about above (actually now that I think about it more, it wouldn't work) - you could use the Multi-Vendor shipping with the Individual Shipping contribution, configure all your products that are under 75 (or 150) pounds to use UPS and use individual shipping charges for the rest. ryno - the bug you're describing is a bit odd. From my thinking, at the very worst your shipping charges would be as though you only ordered one item - but the fact that the shipping charges are '0' makes me think there might be a typo somewhere. Ok, I think I see it. Whoops. this: // mod indvship // first mod ok $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price); if ($qty > 1) { if ($products_ship_price_two > 0) { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)); } else { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * (qty-1)); } } // end indvship should be this // mod indvship // first mod ok $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price); if ($qty > 1) { if ($products_ship_price_two > 0) { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)); } else { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * ($qty-1)); } } // end indvship I had left off the $ from $qty. Sorry about that.
  11. Hey there Ryno267/Chuck. Nice work putting that together - feel free to post it as an addon contribution if you like. I saw that problem you mentioned, about having to have something in the second individual ship price field no matter what and thought of a solution while I was looking at the code: perhaps if you changed: // mod indvship // first mod ok $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price); if ($qty > 1) { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)); } // end indvship to something more like // mod indvship // first mod ok $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price); if ($qty > 1) { if ($products_ship_price_two > 0) { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)); } else { $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * (qty-1)); } } // end indvship you might want to test that first, since that's just off the top of my head, but that should make it so if the second ship price field is 0 that it takes from the first price field... which might not be something everyone would want... but maybe more people would like that in there than not...and it would be easy enough to comment out. Genius also brought up an interesting point in a private message I have neglected to look at in any detail until now... as it stands now, if you have two different products in the cart, it will use the first price for the first one of each item then the second price for any quantity beyond one for each item, but say you wanted to use the second price on every item after the first item in the cart, regardless of if they are different products... this opens up a small can of worms in that you'd have to figure out how to specify which item came first - so that the first price would be accurate. Beyond that, I think you'd just have to replace one line... well I'm not entirely sure what to replace it to, but there's a function in the shopping_cart.php called 'count_contents' that seems to count the total number of things in the cart. You'd need to put an if statement that if the contents were more than 1, use the second price... I can't think of the proper 'spelling' for this offhand but if someone were to start tinkering with it, that would be a good place to start. As far as the shipping thing goes, Mark... multi-vendor shipping combined with this mod might be the way to go... but the multi-vendor mod only works with MS1 as far as I know. Assuming you're in MS1 though, just use individual shipping on all items over 75lbs and then ups for the rest... or although I'm not going to look at it right now (this whole PHP thing is making me cross-eyed) there is a way you can add a line to the top of any given shipping module (look in the catalog/includes/modules/shipping/indvship.php or ups.php) to enable or disable it... $this->enabled == true; so you could surround that with an if statement like if ($shipping_weight > 75) { this->enabled == false; } oh, and don't forget to add $shipping_weight to the global variables i.e. global $order, $shipping_weight; - but you might want to test this too as this is just off the top of my head. As far as the handling stuff, mikeinbigfork - I'm fairly sure that the multi-vendor shipping allows you to do what you're asking... you have to manually plug in the handling through the database but it's there. Haven't tested it though. Thank you Aric for porting this over to MS2. Much appreciated. As far as my whole philosophy about the MS1 - MS2 thing, I have more than 20 contributions installed on my shop, plus a bunch of mods I did myself. I was using a snapshot - post MS1 which included the security fixes but not any of the radical changes that created incompatibilities. I am anticipating that by the time I would be done making all the contributions I'm using compatible with MS2, MS3 will come out and break all of them again... so until there is some major improvement in functionality that I absolutely can't do without, all of my mods will remain based on MS1. I wish the core developers would start adding in some of the contributions to the milestones, as it would sure make upgrading a lot less painful for some of us, but that's up to them. Anyways, glad to see this contribution is useful. Sorry I don't come around here much anymore. I got kind of burnt out on coding for while.
  12. you will need to use the multi vendor shipping contribution found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,969 to do what you're trying to do.
  13. that's one way of doing it. An easier way since you're using phpMyAdmin would be to simply click the 'SQL' tab up top, cut and paste your query i.e.: INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (40, 'Accounts', 'Configuration of Account settings', 40, 1); in the big box, then hit 'Go' and you're all set.
  14. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    One problem I can think of for finding out the email address is that you have to be logged into ebay to get that email address. The time left though, could be done one of two ways - first way would be to get the time from your own server and then program some math to subtract one from the other to determine the time left, except if your server's time is a minute or two off from ebay's time, that might not be so good. The other way would be perhaps to get the script to open the item number's page and snag the stuff after 'time left' in the same way it snags all the info from the 'about me' page. That might be a little tricker than just grabbing the text off of the 'about me' page due to all the potential different states of the item page. Hmm, just a few of my first thoughts - I'll keep thinking about this. Thanks for posting the code.
  15. dmGremlin

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Very cool mod, smitty1 - Maybe you could post a link to your already osCommerce intigrated version so that I (and anyone else) could take a look and perhaps help with the functionality?