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  1. hello I installed the contribution "Multiple "Mini-Stores" with One Central Admin v1.0" but the mini-stores created display ALL the same categories than the main store... I tried to modify the file catalog/include/boxes/categories.php but i get errors Mysql I am sure there are others using this contribution successfully so i ask for help! The contribution is from 2003 and i can't reach the author.... Thanks L.
  2. Hi I am using the ultimate SEO url, how/where to modify the module to make it work with this contribution? Also it looks like there is a problem with accent on letters like: ?;? etc. accents become ? Thanks Lola **** http://www.crystal-energy.com
  3. Thanks you very much, it does work now! Thanks again L.
  4. Hi I use MS2 and just installed Ultimate SEO V2-2.1d, everything is working fine but there is no way to add new customers with the contribution on. I receive this error message: 0 - insert into customers_info (customers_info_id, customers_info_number_of_logons, customers_info_date_account_created) values ('0', '0', now()) [TEP STOP] When I disable SEO the customer registration works. Anyone having this problem or any idea where it comes from? I really need help with this one, the contribution is great I'd like to make it work Thanks Lola
  5. lolati


    On my site the module IS installed properly and works with checks and money order so It's not an install problem or another mod hack problem ! Otherwise the affiliate won't work at all or would generate some errors. I found misc explanations to make your contrib works with CC, bunch of post mention they put a code on checkout_process.php, kind of: // Affiliate Info if (!tep_session_is_registered('my_affilliate_total')) { tep_session_register('my_affilliate_total'); } $my_affilliate_total=$order->info['total']-$order->info['shipping_cost']; and then on checkout_success.php a code to create an image tag to send variables to the affiliate tag. Which makes more sense than the only tag provided and which doesn't work with CC: // Include OSC-AFFILIATE require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'affiliate_checkout_process.php'); But I do not have a clear idea about the exact code to stick on checkout_success.php. Fact is there is a problem, (not only me) and no answer. What good would it be to update to V2.3 or downgrade to 1.9 as the code is the same than on V2.00? Lola Ms2 affiliate V2.00
  6. lolati

    Payment module and OSCaffiliate

    Hi I am pulling my hairs trying to find help without any result. I use OSCaffiliate V2.00 and payment by CC. OSC affiliate doesn't work at all with this type of payment, works fine with checks and money order. Customer comes from an affiliate link, place an order, pay and... the order is never recorded in the DB, the affiliate never credited for the sale and the customer basket never emptied. On my checkout_process.php I have the code to affiliate: // Include OSC-AFFILIATE require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'affiliate_checkout_process.php'); My module call the checkout_process all right (I have no problem when it's not affiliate related): tep_draw_hidden_field('CHAMP005', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, tep_session_name() . '='. tep_session_id() .'&CHAMPBPX', 'SSL', false)) . I end up thinking I have to modify the payment module to add something about the affiliate but I have no idea what/where. I know there are lot of people having the same problem with various payment module, must be someone out there willing to help? I am stuck with affiliates and an affiliation script not working ! HELP ! Lola MS2 :'(
  7. lolati


    I spent hours reading through all forums I could find, I PM the people who wrote this contribution, I asked for help in this forum and others and I received absolutely no answer. What I found is that there are MANY people having the problem I have: Using OSC affiliate and a paiement by credit card, sales are not recorded, affiliate is not credited and customer basket is not emptied. It is not because of a bad install, I tested with checks and it works fine Which mean the contribution does not work with CC and despite others asking over and over for help on the same subject, there is no answer. I use the version 2.00, maybe someone can let me know if there are any improvement with the last update or does it comes loaded with the same problem and no help? Thanks Lola Ms2 OSC affiliate V2.00
  8. Hi When a customer comes from an affiliate link, he can pay and place his order but then, I receive no order, nothing is added to the database and the affiliate is not credited for the sale and The customer basket is never emptied! I use Paypal and credit card system what can I do to make it work? I have to contact each customer to ask him what did he buy and I have no idea whose affiliate to credit! Help! Thanks Lola Ms2
  9. Hi The contribution "Must agree to terms" doesn't work if the customer has javascript disable.... He can place an order and pay but the order is not recorded. How can I modify this contribution to put a box checked by default instead of an uncheck box? This is the only way I can think of to make it works even if javascript is disabled. Help! Thanks Lola Ms2
  10. lolati

    Paypal IPN not including taxes

    To have taxes included you have to log in your Paypal account, there is a tab under which you set up shipping and taxes rates. Lola
  11. lolati

    Paypal IPN not including taxes

    Hello When I place and order using Paypal Ipn Osc taxes are not included, shipping is included ok. What can I do in order to have taxes included when paying with Paypal? Thanks Lola Ms2
  12. lolati

    How to track affiliate ID?

    Yes but If I set up the cookies lifetime to 1 year (31 556 926 seconds) how do I set it up for lifetime (eg: 99 years= an outrageous number of seconds.. can't even calculate and I doubt this number would be understood by the script)? Lola Ms2
  13. Hello Mod affiliate OSC: "is there a way to make it so that anyone who makes a purchase in the future from the affiliate, gets credit for it? " and this answer: It's possible. Store the affiliate_id in the customer table, when the customer logs in back into the affiliate session Ok but how exactly do I manage to make this work? Adding a field to the customer table is one thing but what do I have to do to make it work? Thanks Lola Ms2
  14. lolati

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Thanks for your answer but I made a mistake, I am asking questions in the wrong thread, I previously installed the Paypal Shopping cart IPN and had so much trouble with that instead I installed PayPal IPN (oscommerce v1.1). I have to find the right thread ! Thanks Lola Ms2
  15. Hello I am using the latest version of Rewards points. Testing this: Customer has a points credit value of 15 euros, the order is 9 euros (before tax/shipping)... He used all points which give a minus 6 euros points credit... Paying with Paypal (paypalIPN) no points are deducted at all, the customer paid full order+tax+shipping admin area pending points for this order shows: minus 6 euros. customer's area pending points shows: points - 6 euros. Doesn't make sense ! I want customer to be allowed to use their credit point on order only NOT on shipping and tax. How can I disallow customers to spend more credit than total amount of order ? Thanks Lola Ms2