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  1. I had the problem and just reinstalled the original stock osCommerce checkout_success.php, and that fixed it.
  2. I only need three or four boxes. 25 boxes is a lot, now that you mention it, but I'll probably leave it as it is for now as Opera 8 isn't upset with it at all.
  3. I tested it on a newer PC, using Internet Explorer, and it seems to be OK, but it seemed a bit slower. Apart from that, it's an excellent contribution once set up.
  4. I'm using the 25 version. I am running an older version of Internet Explorer (IE6) on Windows 98 Second Edition. I guess some aspect of my system setup (rather old) combined with an old version of Internet Explorer got indigestion. It works fine with Opera 8 which is a faster browser (and free).
  5. I seem to have found the the source of the problem : my browser. The blank space only appears in IE6, and seems to slow the browser down a lot. I tried the same Admin page in Opera and it works fine. Any thoughts?
  6. Unfortunately I'm having some difficulties with Admin>>Catalog>>More Categories which my current rudimentary knowledge of PHP can't help me with. In the screenshot below, you can see that after "Select a Category" and under "Action" there is blank space. Anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Screenshot
  7. er, I did but I didn't upload it to my server. DOH! I seems to be OK now, thanks Jared
  8. Hi, I installed the contribution. The following is from the installation instructions: I found the first (Admin >> Configuration >> More Categories) but not the second (Admin >> Categories >> More Categories). Does anyone have an idea?
  9. It sounds like a great contribution. Are there any known issues or problems with the Easypopulate contribution?
  10. I notice on your own site at (nice site by the way) that the resolution is set in a session variable if javascript is on, and isn't if it's off. I tested it with your site with javascript on and off and it works perfectly. Sadly, I can't get the same to work on my own site - no session variable at all. Do you have any ideas if you have time?
  11. I'm just trying your contribution and I noticed a small typing error: In the intructions it says: // turn on automatic(true) or manual(false) screen resolution $use_auto_resolution = false; if ($use_auto resolution) { This last line should be: if ($use_auto_resolution) { As a total newcomer to PHP I'm still struggling a bit with it.
  12. Thank you for sharing this contribution, but I had a problem. I installed the contribution, but the CVV2 number doesn't appear in the Orders part of Admin, nor in the email with the middle numbers of the credit card. Help!!
  13. Also, the Session IDs are retained. I have to make a slight change as I want the osCommerce files to be in the root directory not in the "catalog" directory. This is because Search Engines will give you a better position if the pages are closer to the root. :)
  14. Thank you very much to boxtel for helping me out on this. Here are the important points she helped me with: This all worked, thank you boxtel. :D
  15. Has anyone got any further suggestions on how to make anchors work properly, especially on dynamic pages where you can't just add the appropriate HTML. Obviously the session ID needs to be retained. Expalin it to me please, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to PHP. :-"