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  1. darkdiamond

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    I resolved. It was an error about sessions. I put some buttons instead of the category menu, and I forgot to put in the link the session id, so everytime an user selected a category the session was empty and so was the cart. It's not a bug relting this very good contrib. It was an error made by my modifications. Thank you Tommy
  2. darkdiamond

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    Hi. Thank you Beer Monster for this hopeful contrib. I have a problem. Some user told me that when they pass from a category to another the trash empties. On my PC it perfectly works. I thought that maybe could be a problem related to cookies and security settings. The shop is www.valpanera.it/shop Any idea? Thanks Tommy
  3. darkdiamond

    automatically add 4 to cart

    It is "minimum order number per product" or something similar. Ciao
  4. darkdiamond

    Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles

    Hi. I'm opening a store and I experienced this problem. We sell wine, and I need that a costumer can buy 6 or 12 bottles, not 2, not 11, not 8. The problem is that the bottles could be different so the box could be composed of different types of wine (of different products). So I need a contribution to accept orders only if the TOTAL of the items in the cart is 6 or 12. Does anyone know if there is something that will do that? Thank You Tommy