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  1. To see the effectiveness, go to google and use the following search "gloss site:perfectproof.com" Almost all of the hundreds of results have a URL of the form: product_XXXXX.html Every one of these pages comes from the product sitemap generated by the SEO contribution.
  2. I now use this type of SEO optimization incl. java redirect on 2 php/mysql sites and the improvement in the depth of spidering by google is enormous. Without these types of SEO pages, google simply will not find all the pages hidden deep within a database-driven site. With these SEO pages, it will find them. At least for now, this type of SEO works wonders.
  3. We use header tag controller to manage our META tags. As part of header tag controller, the products database was modified to add a fields for keywords for each different product. Unfortunately, the search.php does not search through these keywords for each product. I think it would be great if a skilled programmer could add this ability. It would make search much more powerful. Can anybody help with this request?
  4. In sts_user_code.php, simply add a line like: template[mynewthing] = 'my html code' . tep_href_link(mylink) . 'more html'; Then, simply use $mynewthing anywhere you want in your html templates such as sts_template.html sts_display_output has a number of examples of zhat you can do with your own variables.
  5. I want to turn Information Unlimited into a more general menu/navigation structure. In particular, I want to add menu elements within information boxes that simply point to a URL of my choosing such as "index.php" rather than to an information page like "information.php?info_id=5" I have made 2 small modifications and have now got the display of these new menu elements to work. However, I do not have the skill to modify the admin pages to complete the modification. Can anyone help? Basically, I use the varialble visible to decide whether the menu item is a normal info page (when =1) or is a link only (when =2). When visible is set to 2, then the URL the menu item points to is the value of 'description'. To use this, I manually edit the database and set visible=2 and simply enter the URL in the description field. MODIFICATIONS (based on Info Unlimited 1.1g): 1. In the database, TABLE information contains filed "visible" which is set to type ENUM with list values: '0','1'. I have added '2' to the ENUM list. 2. In catalog/includes/boxes/information.php: Modify $sql=mysql_query('SELECT information_id, languages_id, info_title FROM ' . TABLE_INFORMATION .' WHERE visible=\'1\' and languages_id ='.$languages_id.' ORDER BY v_order') or die(mysql_error()); while($row=mysql_fetch_array($sql)): $filename_information = tep_href_link(FILENAME_INFORMATION) . (stristr(tep_href_link(FILENAME_INFORMATION), '?')?'&':'?') . 'info_id=' . $row['information_id']; $informationString .= '<a href="' . $filename_information . '">' . $row['info_title'] . '</a><br>'; endwhile; to $sql=mysql_query('SELECT information_id, languages_id, info_title , description, visible FROM ' . TABLE_INFORMATION .' WHERE languages_id ='.$languages_id.' ORDER BY v_order') or die(mysql_error()); while($row=mysql_fetch_array($sql)): switch ($row['visible']){ case '0': // Not visible break; case '1': // For normal information pages $filename_information = tep_href_link(FILENAME_INFORMATION) . (stristr(tep_href_link(FILENAME_INFORMATION), '?')?'&':'?') . 'info_id=' . $row['information_id']; $informationString .= '<a href="' . $filename_information . '">' . $row['info_title'] . '</a><br>'; break; case '2': // For URL only links $filename_information = tep_href_link($row['description']); $informationString .= '<a href="' . $filename_information . '">' . $row['info_title'] . '</a><br>'; break; } endwhile;