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    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi, I'm newbie when it comes to shopping cart and oscommerce. This contribution works great. THanks for doing such a great job. I installed: Quantity Price Breaks for Separate Pricing Per Customer v1.0.1 Separate Pricing Per Customer v.4.1 on a fresh install. The problem I run into is product attributes. Here's some background info: Product at regular price: $4.00 Purchase 5+ price: $3.60 (10% discount) This same product has 4 different size attributes sold at different prices: original size: $4.00 size 1: +$0.75 size 2: +$2.25 size 3: +$5.00 I noticed that when I purchased more than 5 in larger sizes (stated in attributes), the quantity price break kicks in but the dollar amount is not correct. For example: I purchase 10 items of size 3: price came out to be 10 * (3.60 + 5.00) = $86.00 Price should be 10 * [(4.00 + 5.00)*0.9] = $81.00 Problem is that the 10% discount is only on the price of the original size but not on the overall price of the bigger sizes. Is there a fix for this bug? Can someone point me to where in the code I could fix this? It would be great if I can display the actual price in the attribute drop down menu instead of the price difference for larger size. Thanks in advance!