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  1. Hey Alex,

    ive just got round to installing the HSBC mod. I followed the instructions exactly but the mod doesnt appear under the admin payment mods, so i cant choose to install it.

    can you help? have i missed something?



    P.S. are you available for hire? i may wish to further itegrate the HSBC mod with my site. thanks again.

  2. alexjudd

    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    Hi The HSBC module is only designed to work with OSCommerce 2.x and the structures are quite different in OSCommerce 3 alphas so you will need to do some programming changes if you want it to work with that version! Alex
  3. alexjudd

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I think the sprint_f error is a PHP version issue. One very quick fix is to create a function that maps sprint_f to sprintf and add this to the /admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php file function sprint_f($para1, $para2){ sprintf($para1, $para2); } Alex
  4. alexjudd

    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    At the moment, the management of HSBC transactions in each order is fairly light weight, as we have our client's system set to reject fraudulant transactions, rather than to hold them. If you look at the Protx Direct module, this has been extended a little further to have refund/accept/reject for each transaction in the order section and we were going to add similar functionality however with this being v1.0 haven't done yet. If anyone's feeling like adding it - it would be a good addition to have. Alex
  5. alexjudd

    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    This is the Support Thread for the HSBC XML API Module. The HSBC API Module allows OSCommerce to directly interface with HSBC in the UK using HSBC's XML API interface. Installing this module is relatively straight forwards, however has a number of key steps so please follow the instructions carefully. ©Skywire 2007
  6. alexjudd

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    HSBC API XML Module Hi everyone We need to use the API interface for our HSBC integration rather than the currently supported CPI one, and I wanted to ask, before we embark on making one, whether anyone else has done this yet? We've contributed some other things to the site so will be happy to give back the module we make, and my plan is to take the one for Cube Cart, convert to OSCommerce format, and use this. Let me know - DDay is tomorrow as we have an eager client! Kindest regards Alex alex (at) skywire (dot) co (dot) uk
  7. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has managed to add a gift message to this module at all? If they have I'm happy to update the module to use it and upload, if they haven't then guess I'm writing one and will then upload it :-) Kindest regards ALex