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  1. beachie99

    Shipping Modules Info panel missing

    Maybe this will help. I've just solved my own problem. I thought I had a similar problem with the payment modules and looked back on my previous postings a few years ago. I found that when I deleted the folder from the site, put an old shipping folder in there, the install button reappeared. I then transferred my files back into the folder....it worked. .....catalog/includes/modules/shipping folder. Hope this helps you. Cheers, Ron
  2. beachie99

    Shipping Modules Info panel missing

    I am having the exact same problem. I've spent the last 2 days replacing files in every folder that I think associates with this mod. All my other mods work fine, but I am missing the install button on the shipping Canada Post in the same way muhammad_barki is. What files are associated with this file in admin: /catalog/admin/modules.php?set=shipping. Maybe I could work back to check each file out carfully to see if I've made a mistake with updating the shipping mod. I've gone over every detail in the Installation Instructions for Canada Post Shipping Module 4.1 with dimensions AND Canada Post Automated Labels 2.2 with no luck. Please help. Thankyou, Ron
  3. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. I was gettng so many files in each image folder, it was difficult to sort through them all to pick the correct file I needed. Once again, Thankyou. Ron
  4. Hi Lee Long time no talk Problem: When a picture is uploaded to the directory of choice, usually the image uploaded appears at the bottom of the list in the dir. Just lately though the listing has been just dropping the image in somewhere else in the list There doesent seem to be any listing attribute that causes this to happen, ie. its not name nor is it by size or date modified. It such a pain trying to find the image uploaded to select it for use when there are hundreds of files to look through. Is there a way to set the listing attribute ? Is there a reason why its messed up? I would appreciate some insight into this kind regards Paul Fahey I also am having this same problem. I really like the contribution and have been using it for over 2 years, but as the number of product pictures keep growing, is there a way to order the list in the "Add new product" with the small, and xtra large images? I searched this thread for an answer, but couldn't seem to find one. Thanks so much. Ron