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  1. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello, Seems we got everything working well now except for one thing. The error_log file on the server is showing this: [04-Feb-2011 00:00:05] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function store() on a non-object in /home/public_html/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/usu5.php on line 78 line 78 says this: $this->getVar( 'cache' )->store( $this->getVar( 'registry' )->store() ); Please tell us how to fix it? thank you
  2. RandyR

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Worked great , did just like you said plus put back alphanumeric to true. Noticed for example when product name is 22" instead of 22 inches it removes the " from it and display 22. I am sure that is correct because " is not allowed in a url. I am right about that? Thanks so much for the quick fix reply
  3. RandyR

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    We just clicked "Remove all non-alphanumeric characters" from true to false but we still cannot see the number in the url. Example: we want custom-cooking-inch-wok-style-p-1792.html to show up as custom-cooking-66-inch-wok-style-p-1792.html But they are still the same and not showing the number in the url What are we doing wrong ? thank you
  4. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Thank you for the quick reply, I forgot to say we wanted to get the file names of product_info.php and index.php out of the middle. Standard and Path standard have no .html file extension, but they have the product_info.php or index.php filename in the middle. Rewrite And Path Rewrite have no product_info.php or index.php filename in the middle, but have they have the .html extension. We want the URL to have no file name or file extension like http://www.website.com/example-p-1133 Can we take the ".html" out of one of your \Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5_PRO_r197\uploads\catalog\includes\modules\ultimate_seo_urls5\uri_modules\ files? Also we need to be able to 301 redirect from the old .html file extensions to the new .html free extensions to keep our existing google indexes working.
  5. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    How do we get the file extension (.html) off the end of the URL like in arcadia128 (reply #2550 just above)? arcadia128 links are like this and that is how we want ours: for categories: http://laertes.es/secret/index.php/aventura-c-31 or for products: http://laertes.es/secret/product_info.php/prueba-p-51 We somehow cannot figure it out either in .htaccess or the admin configuration. If we remove the extension and refresh if pops right back on the end again. I also posted a prior reply with more detail a few replies above(#2541): Thanks and apologize for being dumb about this - I bet it is right in front of our noses.
  6. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Just wondered if there is any way to remove/hide the .html extension in the URL: Example : change: http://www.example.com/product-example.html'>http://www.example.com/product-example.html to show as: http://www.example.com/product-example While at the same time http://www.example.com/product-example.html'>http://www.example.com/product-example.html would still go to http://www.example.com/product-example to preserve existing google searches. We would like to follow the lead of major websites that are dropping the file extensions. We got it to work with straight .php extensions such as /shipping.php now shows as /shipping but, of course Seo Urls Pro rewrites it to .html extensions (as it is correctly supposed to do). Thanks and Happy new year to all!
  7. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Totally wonderful !!! Works great everywhere now. I tested it on the login page too. Both the categories (which is cached and I thought that might be an issue) and the product_info links work normal form NONSSL and SSL pages. Hope my problem helps you - maybe include this info or change code for others? thank you so much for the super quick replies
  8. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    When you are on the main index page everything works fine. You are in the root of the site at that point and using our domain name. Then when you checkout from the shopping cart you enter into a shared SSL page which has a totally different domain and URL named after the server we are on So if you click on a product picture in the left column you stay in the shred SSL domain instead of going back to our NONSSL domain. The name of the product is correct and the same but the domain in front of it does not switch back.
  9. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    One other thing I just noticed We are now getting ?osCsid=d3fc6fcfaa8a733c2e21ba0719209501 at the end of every URL on any file such as: checkout_payment.php?osCsid=6cd90849f89c5626b8f0ec5d3b75fa55 This must be a result of this upgrade also. We had filtered that out from showing with .htaccess code and/or another contribution but it looks like ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 is forcing that on the end now. How can we lose that trailing ?osCsid so the customer or google does not see it? Thank you again
  10. RandyR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Installed just fine and everything is working great except one item. Thank you. Looks like you worked hard and have a great product. I upgraded from the old chemo system which used to swtitch back to a NONSSL link whe you are on a shred SSl page . Now when you are on a shared SSL page such as during checkout and you click on a category or product - it keeps the same shared SSL URL and we get a: Oops! This link appears broken.DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. error Of course, all non product or category pages still work the same, no problems. How can we adjust it so we always go to a NONSSL category or product info page whether we are on a NONSSL or shared SSL page?
  11. Seems we have it installed fine but when we test with: ?id=1&test=">XXX we get the proper result at the top of the page but when we test with: ?test="><script>eval(window.name)</script> we get nothing at all at the top of the page (otherwise page looks normal and unchanged) This is in chrome and firefox, in internet explorer we get the correct result on the first and on the second we get "modified page to prevent cross scripting attacks" Could you please tell us why this second test in your instructions is not getting the said results?, thank you
  12. RandyR

    [Contribution] TinyMCE Anywhere

    This is a great contribution and I really appreciate it. I like it more than Fckeditor and Ckeditor because the image drop down list allows you to just type a letter and it brings you to the alphabetical listing with that letter first in your images list. The trouble is I upgraded to the newest version and now the image list is randomly sorted and not in alphabetical order. Anyone know how to correct that?
  13. RandyR

    Bundled Products

    Got it installed and it is going to save me a lot of work - much thanks. Everything looks like it is working fine. When you click on the product image in the shopping cart (to take you back the the bundled product after it is in the cart you get this: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '{31}126{7}58 and language_id = '1'' at line 7 SELECT pd.products_name, pb.*, p.products_bundle, p.products_id, p.products_price, p.products_image FROM products p INNER JOIN products_description pd ON p.products_id=pd.products_id INNER JOIN products_bundles pb ON pb.subproduct_id=pd.products_id WHERE pb.bundle_id = 514{31}126{7}58 and language_id = '1' [TEP STOP] This product contains the following items: Looks to me like it this part " 514{31}126{7}58 " that is added to the end of the url (which is because of the added attributes I assume) messes it up. The regular URL for the bundled product works fine and looks like this: /test-p-514.html but the cart makes the URL like this: product_info.php?products_id=514{31}126{7}58 which gives the error Other items in the cart that are not bundled products still work fine with the same URL type such as this: /product_info.php?products_id=480{7}58{55}167{56}170 This appears to be a simple fix if I knew what I was doing - please help. Thanks Randy
  14. RandyR

    Page cache by Chemo

    I have all the items by Chemo working but Page Cache keeps caching the same index page it starts with as well as the same products_info page it starts with no matter what item you click on. When you disable it in admin everything goes back to normal. So I deleted the (2) cache files and then clicked on a new but different product page and index type page and same - stuck on these 2 intital pages. So it is caching the first page nicely but will not re-cahe new pages. Can you help me? THANKS
  15. RandyR

    What happened to the Google Checkout thread?

    Hello Ropu. I have version 3 installed and get flat rate to work but decided to change to table rate which is showing up with the dreaded $0.00 on google. I guess it is not picking up the calculation. I also guess flat rate works because there is no calculation involved. I ran the shipping generator and configured googlecheckout.php for flat and table. What do you suggest? Thanks Randy