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  1. neroag

    Imprint Text Options

    Hi Thanx Again for your help I had thought of that & dloaded the 1.2b version that says Full Package & the define for has also been done admin/includes/filenames.php define('FILENAME_TEXT_ATTRIBUTES', 'text_attributes.php'); Problem still there though
  2. neroag

    Imprint Text Options

    I just get the error when trying to modify date etc admin/FILENAME_TEXT_ATTRIBUTES?page=1&taID=2&action=edit File not found also showing in admin TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TEXT_ATTRIBUTES can anyone help plz
  3. Hi all, I run a site selling products that can be personalised with a customers own message's is there a way to incorporate a text box on the product page's where customers can enter their own required message IE.. To Jan, Love from Bob Ive tried looking through all the contributions but cant seem to find anything there Many thanx