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  1. Haha! Ok, never mind, I got to toying around with it and changed the sort order and both are working...thanks anyway.
  2. Hello, I was having a problem with the Gift Voucher/Discount Coupon contribution for OS Commerce and was going through the forum when I came across your post about how when you disabled one or the other, the other one would display. Well, I am having the same problem, and I didn't notice that you got a response (I haven't found the response yet anyway) so I thought I would ask you if you ever got that problem solved. I would apreciate it tremendously (think of it as a mercy shot...to put me out of my misery of having to search this "Gone with the Wind" novel of a forum for this contribution. Thanks Ryan
  3. ryneaux

    LinkPoint API help

    Well, all the responses I got for my question is a little too depressing for me. Thanks...
  4. ryneaux

    LinkPoint API help

    Hello everyone, I have installed the LinkPoint international payment module and everything seems to work fine except I can't get past one error that comes up on the checkout_confirmation.php at which time I get returned to the checkout_payment.php with an error which says: ApproveSale: statusMessage: CC-2603: Unable to open/parse client certificate file. Now then, my guess is that it has to do with the .pem file. One difference in what I have read here in the forum is that everyone has paid for their PHP Wrapper from LinkPoint and the wrapper contained a "000000.pem" file. I failed to find a way to purchase a PHP Wrapper on linkpoint's site. So, I downloaded the only one I could find (which didn't include a "000000.pem" file, yet LinkPoint tells me that I just copy the digital certificate they sent me in an email, pasted it in a text file, change the file name to my store number and change the file extension to .pem. Ok, I have done all of that, but I get teh same error. I have checked all my permissions and even set all the PHP, lbin, and the .pem files, along with the directory to 777, and still I get the same error. I repeatedly contact LinkPoint and the never respond to my emails. I really need some help on this, and I would appreciate any and all help I can get. Thanks, Ryan