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  1. I had found that once I went browsing through the easypopulate.php. As a noobie I have an inherent fear of php. Since I don't have the time to figure it all out and I need to fast track, I've hired an experienced php programmer to get everything I need into place. Thanks to all for their help ... no doubt I'll be back :)
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    Easy Populate

    Sounds again like EOREOR gone missing again. However if you're a mac users, it could be a line ending issue. Last step on the mac (RTFM) is to save it in BBEdit with Unix Line endings, otherwise it won't recognize the line ends. Just in case ;)
  3. Is it possible to run Easy Populate and Multi-Stores contributions together? Reason is I have several stores which will share some stock and only having to maintain the data once is a huge advantage. But will Easy Populate work for both Stocking the store as well as pulling Froogle feeds out? Hopefully someone with experience in this area can contribute their experience. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a newly installed OSC and the latest build of PayPal IPN module 1.1. I have some other contributions installed, including the one that lets a customer check out without creating an account PWA_0.82. I got everything rigged, all the private and public keys set up, entered my first order and got the confirmation email via IPN to my sandbox email account. What is notable in the shopping cart contents is what is missing: SHOPPING CART CONTENTS: 1. Item Name: EyeTV 500, HDTV FireWire Digital Recorder Item Amount: $349.00 USD Quantity: 1 Total: $349.00 USD 2. Item Name: Dual BayDock 800, FW800 Drive, 240GB Item Amount: $569.95 USD Quantity: 1 Total: $569.95 USD Cart Subtotal: $918.95 USD Sales Tax: $68.93 USD Cart Total: $987.88 USD I am missing the Item ID field. Is this a configuraiton glitch on my part or something else? Could it be an interaction issue between PWA and PayPal IPN? While it is not completely a deal breaker, it sure doesn't make things easier on me if the IPN doesn't contain the item id codes, as at times when I am out all day I will phone orders in from the IPNs sent to me via pager, and it makes life quite a bit easier if I have the actual item id when placing the order. I searched and searched but could find no other postings like this one. Thanks in advance to all for assistance.
  5. I read the documentation but it wasn't clear (at least to my addled brain) where to do that. Now that I have worked with a few more OSC contributions I feel more comfortable and realize that I need to actually open the EasyPopulate "executable" and look in there. That was not apparent to me before. I'll look through it and see if I can figure it out. This noooooobie thanks you very much ;) Jim
  6. I did a search and didn't find anything, but that doesn't mean much. I'm really trying to fast-track getting the site up, so I've been cutting as many corners as I can. However, I'll do some more sniffing around in the EP section to see if I can get to the bottom of this. This is pretty much a stock EP installation ... I would think it would work the "right" way out of the box, but then again, I'm thinking of the "right" way from my own perspective ... maybe in other countries the other way is the "right" way ... and our way is wrong ;) Thanks for the feedback.
  7. well it may be silly, but once I figured out what was happening, the "solution" presented itself. By munging in my excel spreadsheet the price (i.e., multiply the "net" price by 1.075, which gives it the price plus the local tax rate) then uploading the resulting price, now when I display my prices without tax, it shows the proper amounts. Then when someone authenticates as a user in my tax zone (California) it properly adds the tax, but if someone is elsewhere it just puts the regular price without tax. Easy Populate really should be populating the Gross Price field rather than the Net Price field. Maybe someone could fix that so this "workaround" is not required. Thanks all.
  8. I am having the same problem. I put the prices in (the actual item prices) through Easy Populate. It put the "gross" price as the actual item price, $89.99. It then calculated down the "net" price as 83.71. If I turn on show prices with tax, it shows the prices all correctly, but then doesn't add the tax for customers who are taxable at the end. If I turn off show taxes, then it shows the "net" price which is reduced and wrong. Any way to get Easy Populate to feed the input prices to the Net field instead of the Gross field? That way, the prices would be correct when shown "without tax". Thanks in advance.