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  1. I installed the contrib according to the instruction, but nothing is showing. Of course I clicked on some products, made a search or two, but nothing is showing. So I started to remove one line in modules/your_recent_history.php // line 1 if (is_object($your_recent_history)) { I also removed the "}" at the end of the file... Now I get the following error message on my page: This line 4 has the following code: (($your_recent_history->count_viewed() > 0) || ($your_recent_history->count_searches() > 0) || ($your_recent_history->count_viewed_cats() > 0)) // we have content the functions are called in application top and also the variable should be set there, or am I wrong? So why it does not work? Even so I removed this one line in modules/your_recent_history.php, the contrib should work. Especially after I produced a history of click and search... So does anyone has a good idea of how I can get it to work, especially since some people are using this contrib already. the store is running on: Can someone help or do you need more info? Cheers Rich
  2. jenso

    Customer selectable shipping options

    You just have to activate an other shipping option in admin and it will show during checkout under shipping. The customer can choose and if it is the 5 Pound option it will be added to the total cost. To find shipping option make a search in the contribution section. Cheers Rich
  3. jenso

    [contribution] Star Product

    Hi, I run this contrib in 3 languages and I have no problem with it. Saying that, the contrib is running fine in multi language settings. can we have a look on it, to get an idea? In the moment I would do wild guessing and that does not help. Someone else has an idea? Rich
  4. jenso

    [contribution] Star Product

    Thanks for your respond expert I looked into the star_product table, but there is nothing to be modified. My sql is the following: CREATE TABLE `star_product` ( `product_id` VARCHAR( 11 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL ); INSERT INTO `star_product` ( `product_id` ) VALUES ( '1' ); The only thing that is listed in this table is the product_id. I was thinking to add a few more fields into the star_product table, like star_product_starting_dated star_product_ending_dated start_product_status But due to the lag of coding time :rolleyes: ... it has to wait.... :-" and as I was posting before, I wanted to limit the characters shown in the description, something like star_product_description_length which could have been located in the configuration section... But I might have overlooked something. It is maybe already somewhere in the star_product contrib. If so please point it out to me. I am a bit blind due to all the codes :lol: Thanks again for the respond Rich
  5. jenso

    [contribution] Star Product

    Hi Nice contrib, I agree. I like to know how I can change the length of the description text. I find the amount of text to much (to long), so where can I change it for this contribution? Thanks Rich
  6. jenso

    2gether Discount

    Do you have an input field for quantity on your product_info.php? something like this: if you do not have it, the above solution (post #69 to 73) is not for you. I did add quantity input on my product_info.php. I made a change in application_top.php and in product_info.php to make it work. Now that I add 2gether contribution, I had a problem to make it work for me. Thanks to amanda, who gave me the missing code it is running as it should. so if you want to have quantity input on your product_info.php you have to do the following: add this code somewhere before or inbetween the <form> and </form> (sorry can not tell you the exact line since I changed my product_info.php a lot, but it has to be before the "add to cart" button): than in application_top.php change the case 'add_product' to: So now your customer can input the quantity on your product_info.php and the quantity will show up in shopping_cart.php. To make it work together with 2gether contribution you have to change the above code to the following OR If you have already 2gether contribution installed than it should look like the following: NOTE: it makes no difference if you use "$HTTP_POST_VARS" or like amanda did "$POST". I just use "$HTTP_POST_VARS" because all the other code in application_top.php has it as well. NOTE2: The difference in the code is in bold. and to make it work together with 2gether contribution add the line of code (displayed in bold) in .../includes/modules/2gether.php around line 104 and it should look like that : Hope this is of any help....
  7. jenso

    2gether Discount

    yes!!, thanks that little code made it. :lol: For all the others who have a quantity input on the product page (product_info.php), make the change in .../includes/modules/2gether.php around line 104 find this code: add the tep_draw_hidden_field('quantity',1) so it will look like that: thanks again for this nice contribution.
  8. jenso

    2gether Discount

    Hi amanda (boxtel) thanks for the respond. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you, but it is not because the stock is zero. Because when I change to ( Noticed, I have only replaced the "$quantity" with "1" ) than 2gether is working as it should, - both products are added to the shopping cart. So when I use the first quoted code of line: the quantity is added correct to the shopping cart quantity box, BUT products_a is not added to the cart When I use the 2nd quoted code of line: No quantity higher than 1 is showing in shopping_cart.php (no transfer of from product_info to shopping_cart) BUT both products from 2gether on product_info.php are showing in shopping cart. There must be a problem in application.php, but I do not have a clue on how to fix it, so it is working as I would like to have it. Any help or idea from anybody... Cheers Rich
  9. jenso

    2gether Discount

    Nice contribution and nice job, thanks I have an issue with getting the 2 products to show in the shopping cart. I did follow Post 9 and Post 15 Still it is not working how it should. It always only add the right product (product_B) to the shopping cart, the first product is never added. I had a close look at application.php file and found that there is where a fix has to be done. On my product_info.php the customer can choose the quantity of the product. To be able to do it, I change the code in application top from $_POST['id']))+1 to $_POST['id']))+$quantity Due to this change the product_a is not added to the shipping cart. When you remove the change and replace $quantity with 1 the contribution does add both products. So now my question: How do I get the contribution to work correct and to be able to transfer the quantity input from the product/info.php to shipping cart? Any ideas??? Thanks Rich
  10. jenso

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi This contrib is really interesting and very complex in installing, looks like pain... Just to bad I do not have anymore a fresh osc.... I like to be able to have a group price that will give a set discount (eg 5%) on the all entitled products, but under the condition, that the customer has bought for a given amount (eg $ 250) - total of previous sales and this sale - in a given time (eg. January to June / July to December or a flexible time like the past 90 days). On top, but not a must, the following would be nice: So, if it is possible with SPPC I like to have "group discount" (volume discount) active and the customer still can be in an other group like "club discount" or so. If the customer can get group (volume) discount (eg minimum buy $250 over the past 120 days) I do not like him to get also SPPC discount. In this case it would be great to have an automatic selection of the greater discount. Do you get what I would like to be able to do??? Now, is that possible with SPPC or an related SPPC add on? OR how can I do that??? Would be nice to get an answer, so I can decide if I install SPPC or if it is better to use an other contribution. Thanks Rich
  11. jenso

    Japanese ??!?! arrrrgh

    Hi The latest OSC you can not get with Japanese Language support, that is working. The only OSC that is working with correct Japanese Language can be found here: Japanese OSC 2.2 MS 1J But be aware it is a much older OSC version. If you do not want to add to many contributions it is working fine. You can find there also a few contributions that have been modified for the Japanese language. If you do not want to use it. you have a few other choices: Write to the Japanese developer Mr. Tamura - you can use English - and ask him for help. wait until MS3 is released, because than Mr. Tamura will start to work on a Japanese version Make the changes yourself Last, change to Zen-Cart, because they have a working Japanese version and support side. Up to you. Even so you have a store in Japanese, did you think about how you will answer your customers questions? I am sorry, but the Japanese are not that advanced and secure in English as some people might think. Please keep us updated on what you do in this case. Rich
  12. jenso

    installing contribution

    Dear fairyland You will find all in your SQL-Files. You can use a program like phpMyAdmin (http://www.phpmyadmin.net/) or any other MySQL program. The contribution you want to install does requiere a change in your SQL-Files, so you need to look there. Hope that will help. Rich
  13. Hi Yes indeed a great little tool and so easy to install. It even works on MS2.1 Please add in your instructions that you have to add a line in filename.php (MS2.2) or in application_top.php(MS2.1) // order comment tool bar v3.0 add *rich 2005-02-12 define('FILENAME_COMMENT_BAR', 'comment_bar.php'); otherwise the contrib will not work nor show in order.php the right way. One more thing. I tryed it out and I was not aware that once I push one of the new buttons, it will send out the message to the customer. In my case I prefer to have the text only displayed in the text field and I have to push "update" (send) myself. This way I have a chance to check it or if I pushed the wrong button I can correct it. can you implement that change please? or anyone else who is using the contrib???! All over a very usefull and great contrib. could be used also in the when you add a new product. I have always a few sentences that are the same or almost the same, so there it could help as well... Keep up the good work Rich
  14. jenso

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Probably I wasn't clear enough: when I click on "Move to cart" it takes me back to the product page but doesn't actually move it into the cart. I did use the fix earlier to redirect to the product page, I wonder if that's interfering with the move function. Sorry quin That what you experiance is right. When the product is already on your Wishlist and than you move it to the cart by pressing "Move to Cart" and it will direct you to the product page. The reason for it is when you have atributes, that the customer can choose them. To my knowledge atributes are not stored with the products in the wishlist... From the product page the customer has to click the "In Cart" button to move the item into the cart. So their is nothing "wrong" with what you experiance. Cheers Rich
  15. jenso

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Yes, that is how it should be. If you want it to add the item without changing the page, than that is possible. The "fix" is somewhere in this threat, sorry not to point you directly to it, it is a bit late now :rolleyes: It will stay in there. Your customer has to remove the item from the wishlist. Some people are working on a way that the item will be removed from the wishlist after the checkout page. Rich