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  1. Danbob

    USPS internationl shipping no longer works

    Status report -- after installing the update, I tried the MySQL changes. The first one, ALTER TABLE etc, returned an error, saying that the VARCHAR (555) was a problem, the max was 255. The second one, UPDATE configuration etc., worked, but made no changes. Any ideas, anyone, before I hire a programmer to fix this? DAN
  2. Danbob

    USPS internationl shipping no longer works

    Same problem here; I just switched over to the new USPS Methods module and it works great for domestic, and gives the options for us to select which possible shipping methods customers can choose. But it still fails for international! Any help appreciated! DAN
  3. Danbob

    Authorize.net / AIM / cURL problem

    I'm wondering if I'm mssing something obvious here. Any help appreciated. I have the newest authorize.net AIM module installed. Authorize.net is working fine with correct transaction key, with our old shopping cart, and the new one is configured in authorize.net too, with correct realy/response links (tested before I installed the new AIM module). cURL is compiled into PHP, though I get the same error when i use non-compiled cURL settings and the correct path. Our SSL certificate is installed and working fine. I couldn't see anything in authorizenet_direct.php that looked like it needed changing. configure.php and /admin/configure.php have the correct HTTPS server names Any ideas on why I can't connect? Any help appreicated. DANBOB