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  1. Hiya... Quick question... using the checkout-process file I send email confirmations to customers... fair enough.... so I have put some HTML into that email to make it look pretty :) Anyway, this pretty email still gets sent out when I make a test purchase using plain purchase by cheque.... however... now that I am using and testing the NochexAPC module... which all works well ... after some tinkering :blink: The mail that get sent out to users is the standard text format... which looks really boring... does anyone have any hints as to how to send HTML mails whilst using the Nochex APC module? At what point (from which file are the mails sent?) I've searched.. but can't find at what point in which file the emails are being sent from... arg!! If you have any hints its appreciated! ;) Seeya. Kenny.
  2. Resolved with some code changes... few... :blink:
  3. hi ralph, I've tried that... I tried it again just now but no luck... the "first select color" doesnt show up on the drop down at all... >_< Any ideas.. I'm gonna go back to checking the code... arg!!! Kenny.
  4. Hi... I hope someone can give me some help with this cos I'm stuck... Anyway, I've installed QT pro looked good.. however rather than spending more hours banging my head against Oscommerce into the small hours(again) (I've already spent ages trying to figure out how to do this but can't...) Basically I want a 'size' drop down, with the automatically "selected" option being "please pick from the following sizes" then the user picks from a list of sizes... sorted from XS to XL only showing the sizes we have in stock... I know that QT pro is supposed to be able to do this... right? but on mine... all I can get is the sizes available showing up. I can't get the "please pick from the following sizes" or the sorting of sizes from XS to XL... this means that the user can buy a tshirt without actually selecting the size.. the site http://www.perfectuniforms.com has what I am after... the "first select colour" idea.... but I can't figure out how to do it... :( if anyone has any pointers how to get this or knows what code could be changed or any workarounds for this.. I'd appreciate it... thanks. Kenny.
  5. by the way, sorry about the language on the page above... I usually use odd words to test..(when I get angry that something simple isn't working!! )
  6. Hiya, Firstly any help is appreciated.. (in advance) Anyway, I have installed QT pro no problems.. except that now, if I have a product that has a large description the QTpro "Available options" and drop down menu "float" over the description.. :( I have a screen shot if anyone could check it out and give me some pointers...? I'm pretty sure its caused by the span tag.. somewhere.. but can't find the problem... (why is the span tag being used anyway.. I was really happy that oscommerce sticks to tables. that way you don't get issues like this... sigh) Anyway. if anyone could check this out I really appreciate some feedback... arg! Kenny.