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  1. Sammy1001

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    Same problem here, version is 1.6 c...
  2. Sammy1001

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi ! My installation of STS is working ok in index.php page, but when I go to any other page, it shows only contents of boxes, I can't see any backgrounds or headers of boxes. What might be the reason for that ?
  3. Yes. Yes. Ok, I'll ask them about that, thank you !
  4. I don?t get any feedback message as a new customer (I signed up for an test account), email address is correct, but error message comes to shop owner or shop admin or whatever email address we set in control panel with cron entry, we have this kind of control panel where we put cron jobs: Mail-To: (in this field we put shop admin or whatever email address, and that error message comes to this address) and there is of course these cron entry fields: Minute, Hour, Day of month, Month, Day of week, Command Maybe there is something wrong with our hosting system or I did something wrong or whatever I don't know anymore :?
  5. So I signed up for an account and did not ordered anything, but I don?t get any feedback messages... There is control panel in our hosting provider where we can make this cron entry and there we can also put an email address and that error message comes to that email address... Script is not writing anything to feedback_data.txt but it writes to request_history: "Emailing my@email.address" But when I try feedback_tester.php, it writes to feedback_data.txt and there is 1249 right now and last customer_id is 1250...
  6. I can't get this working, I've made all the tricks, made a cron job entry, feedback_data.txt, request_history.txt and feedback_request.php are in catalog folder, feedback_tester is working ok. I made new account, but all email that comes is that kind: Those _SERVER settings are ok, but I replaced them with this: ????, you know why :lol: and this email comes to shop owner email address, not to this new account address... Any ideas ?
  7. Hi ! I have installed this contribution but it don't work, there comes a link "HTML WYSIWYG Editor" and I can change settings but I can't see any editor in categories or products page except that usual textarea... In install.txt there is this line: "By adding a few simple lines of JavaScript to your categories.php and application_top.php" and so on... but there is no mention about modifying this application_top.php later...
  8. Yes, it works fine for me, there was only couple of gif images that I had to change to jpg and also I had to change permissions of catalog/catalogues-folder (chmod 777), I think you should check permissions of that folder too...
  9. Hi ! Does anyone know if there is an easy way to change this PDF catalog generator so I can select only one categories to generate catalog ?