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  1. I had this problem too, but luckily it was easy to trace and fix. catalog/includes/header.php Just enclose the same text that appears in your error with php delcarations like this... <?php define('HEADER_TITLE_CUSTOM_BUILD', 'Custom Computer Creator'); if (tep_session_is_registered('ccc_prod_id')){ $edit_params = 'edit=1'; $link_file = FILENAME_CCC_BUILD; }else{ $link_file = FILENAME_CCC; $edit_params = ''; } ?> hope that helps Carbon
  2. Thanks for replying Jaz, but your code just modifies the price next to each attribute (inside the pull-down box) to show a total price, which would be fine if the product only had one pull-down attribute box. What I need is this... PRODUCT COST ?100 ATTRIBUTE 1: OPTION 1 (+10) OPTION 2 (+20) OPTION 3 (+30) ATTRIBUTE 2: OPTION 1 (+40) OPTION 2 (+50) OPTION 3 (+60) If the user selects Atrribute 1 with Option 1 and Attribute 2 with Option 3 the Product Cost gets updated and displays the new price of ?170 I hope that makes it clearer. Carbon