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  1. Great contrib!! Has anyone tried to put a category with in a category ? is this possible - kinda like the store categories i would like to have multiple categories in links manager.
  2. I got it working cheerz for the reply!!!
  3. Thanx for the reply, The link is created but im not sure where in my information.php to place it. Ive tried a few places and i either get an error or i get the link outside of the infobox.
  4. For more pictures for your products try Dynamic MO pics. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1114/ Check it out !
  5. Hi All, Well done on a great contribution. I have everything working and have a link to the links page in my information box. I was wondering if someone could help me with linking directly to a link manager category. '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_LINKS) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_LINKS . '</a><br>'); thats my link to the links page but what would the link to a category within links be. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Yeah i understand that now - my previous post with the layout changes didnt fix it it just hid them, The ghost images shouldnt be there though - should they ? even if i have a manufacturer, a product a category and manufacturer with product active this is what i get -->> My Webpage, Plus in my store i only have 1 product, 1 manufacturer, 1 category. Hope anyone can help with this ,,,, ive set all the featured sets to true. Cheerz Drew
  7. Ok just changed the layout position and it dissappeared ..hmmz
  8. Hi, I have installed this contribution and it worked great!! thank you for that. I do have one problem though, i removed all my products and categories from my site to start afresh, now there seems to be ghost categories showing up in featured sets, Anyone know what this could be ? The featured products work fine (because i didnt have any featured products before i removed all my products/categories/manufacturers). you can take a look at My Webpage Cheerz Drew