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  1. aussieskin

    Problems with AusPost Calculations

    I emailed my webhost guy and he said this "Lookup putting php url_open or similar in htaccess file as it was turned off as a site was hacked using it serverwide"
  2. aussieskin

    Problems with AusPost Calculations

    That is probably it I reckon. The site was moved to a new server last week and I think they were upgrading stuff... Will send out an email and have a look. Thanks Coopco
  3. aussieskin

    Aus Post module error

    Hi guys, Just thought I would see if anyone else is having troubles with the Aus Post module? I am getting these errors when going through the checkout. Regular Post Regular Post ERROR: We apologise, but there appears to be a fault at present. If you would like to use this option as your shipping method, please contact us. 0.42 0.42 Registered Post Registered Post ERROR: We apologise, but there appears to be a fault at present. If you would like to use this option as your shipping method, please contact us. 0.42 0.42 Thought I would check and see if it is maybe a problem with the Aus Post side of things before I go trying to fix anything. Cheers Fiona
  4. aussieskin

    Problems with AusPost Calculations

    I am getting the same Aus Post error and I have had mine installed and working for 12 months or more. I have not made any changes so perhaps it is the server. I've only just noticed it now, but I haven't had many orders through over the past week... hmm hope thats not why!
  5. aussieskin

    AusPost module not saving parameters

    Yeah it could be a aus post site problem. I honestly wouldn't know where to start there though! Could it be any other contributions you ahve installed which are clashing with it? I discovered a lot of them dont play very well together. Is it running properly on your test site now? Maybe you could try importing your database from your test site across to the one you are working on now. Then if it is a database problem that might fix it. Make sure you save both databases first though! (I have very very basic oscommerce/database etc knowledge, these are just things I have tried in the past to fix problems)
  6. aussieskin

    AusPost module not saving parameters

    Hey Kuujiryo. Heres a few ideas to look at. I had a nightmare trying to get this mod to work. Got it in the end though, and it turned out pretty much all the solutions were obvious things that were staring me in the face. But after you spend so much time looking at something you forget about the small thigns. Well I do! I found I was getting that error when the order weight was being calculated wrong and much much to heavy. These were things I had wrong. 1. Check all your weights in you items listings, make sure they are in kg format. So if its 125 grams, put it 0.125 etc. 2. In Configuration --> shipping/packaging enter the max package weight you will ship. The mod is meant to split the packages if they go over, but if you dont sell really heaving things then I think it would be best to set it at 20kg. I have 20kg in mine. If it is set at say 1kg and your order weight is 2kg that may be why you are getting that error. Also check your tare weight in here. I tested mine with it set on 0 to rule it out as a problem. Just make sure it isnt on something crazy like 40kg. Do you have a contrib like seperate price per customer installed? If you do double check your groups in there and make sure each one is set to make the aus post mods active. I'll keep thinking and have a look back over my notes to see if I can remeber anything more as to why I was getting that message (it wasnt that long ago but I have forgotten!)
  7. aussieskin

    Error 1066 - Not unique table/alias: 'pd'

    I am having the same problem too. Although I dont have the products extra field. Anyone have any idea on this? Or do any of you guys who have had the same problem found a fix? Cheers Fiona
  8. Anyone have any fixes for this? I notice a few people with the same problem and the posts were made a while back. Anyone who had got it fixed? This is the last thing I really want to fix before I go live with my new site so any help would be muchly appreciated. I've set it to exclude AUSTRALIAN ZONES but it's still showing as an option for Aussie customers. I guess I could live with it, but I would prefer for Aussies not to have the option. Thanks Fiona
  9. aussieskin

    Request for quote mod and COD mod not working

    Worked it out... I have Seperate Pricing Per Customer installed and these options weren't active for the 'retail' group! It's always the simplest most obvious solution...
  10. I am having the same problem. It shows on every zone, including the one I excluded. Did you get it to work?
  11. aussieskin

    Aus Post returning incorrect postage rates

    Thanks Coopco. You have no idea how much I have learnt, its quite satisfying really. Although I feel like a conplete idiot, because of course the solution was the smallest, most obvious detail! I have noticed one thing which can be quite daunting with oscommerce for people like me who aren't coders or really computer wizzes is installing new mods. Especially when you have to run sql files and add lines to php code etc. And then after you get them working making sure they work with the other mods you might have installed! I really would at some point like to install the CCGV contrib, but at the moment I am too scared! I read through the install notes and it looks very daunting. I can see so many things going wrong. At the moment the site is pretty much ready to go live, so I might wait and add those things a little bit down the track. Thanks again for all your patience and help Coopco. Hopefully one day I will be able to return the favour (although I doubt my knowledge will get that good!)
  12. aussieskin

    Aus Post returning incorrect postage rates

    You are going to be so frustrated with me.... Probably not as frustrated as I am with myself though.... I have the Sperate Price Per Customer mod installed... And I went into my 'Customer Groups' just then to double check it was set up correctly and guess what.... In the section for postal options for the group 'retail' the Aus Post Air and sea mail wasn't ticked!!!!! So it is all fixed now. No Oscommerce problems or anything like that... It was a Fiona stuff up. A big time Fiona stuff up. Thats also the reason why I couldnt get the RFQ mod or COD mod to work!!! Days we have been trying to figure this out... I can't believe it...
  13. aussieskin

    Aus Post returning incorrect postage rates

    Ahh it really hates me. I am not going to try and install any more contributions... I have no admin section at the moment. I have posted about it though. Hopefully someone will help! http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=270484
  14. Hey guys. I just installed this mod, as it is perfect for what I want. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...h,request+quote Only its not showing in the checkout. In the admin end it all looks ok. But no joy when I go through the checkout with either an international address or a local one. So I tried installing the standard COD mod which comes with OSC, but I am having the same problem. It is not showing in the checkout either with an international address or a local one. (Currently on my old site, I have the COD module installed for international customers, but have changed its working to 'Request a postal quote'. That way international customers can still complete the checkout, so their order processes properly, but not be directed to Pay Pal where they have to pay. Then I just email them a new total price with the cheaper postal amount and then they can pay through Pay Pal) Any help would be muchly appreciated. Cheers Fiona
  15. aussieskin

    Aus Post returning incorrect postage rates

    Okay I did that... No luck though I still only get the insured to appear. Heres the details: AusPOST International - AIR Enable auspostair True Dispatch Postcode 3337 Enable Insurance False Insurance Base Cost 7.50 Insurance Addition Cost 2.00 Insurance Unit Size 100 Maximum Weight (kg) 20 Handling Fee 1.30 Parcel Height (mm) 100 Parcel Width (mm) 100 Parcel Depth (mm) 100 Shipping Zone World Zones Tax Class Australian GST Sort order of display 24 Depends. If I have a few files I want to do or I need to overwrite files I just use Nautilus. Or if I only have to add a file or 2 I will upload it through plesk.