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  1. Jumping Rabbit

    bolt on pages

    There are not really any such restrictions, anything you can "embed" in html you can also 'embed" in oscommerce.
  2. Jumping Rabbit

    Contribution login/create account page

    Since Fast and Easy checkout is a bit bug ridden and do not seem to have been abandoned.. i have made a new version of the combine login and create account contribution. This is a very simple mod involving only 2 files , and should work in any installed language without any further modifiactions needed. Its made and tested on RC2a but should also work on earlier versions of MS2.2. Original Checkout: Login >> create account >> create account success >> checkout shipping >> checkout payment >> checkout confirmation >> checkout sucess Faster Checkout: Login/create account >> checkout shipping >> checkout payment >> checkout confirmation >> checkout sucess The new mod can be found here: Faster Checkout 1.0
  3. Jumping Rabbit

    WANTED !

    Here are 2 alternative solutions. Contact your customer and explain that you are not skilled enough to do such mods and that he/she should rather find a new developer who is. - or - Pay someone qualified to do the mods for you, and your client will never know and just think that you did it yourself.
  4. Jumping Rabbit

    Benefits of upgrading a stable store?

    No reasons yet, 3.0 is not stable nor finished as it stands now.
  5. Jumping Rabbit

    Chinese Credit Cards & Banks

    Some suggestions you might look closer into... HSBC (Bank with headoffices in Shanghai and Hong Kong) can provide both merchant account and payment gateway , module available in the contribution section. WorldPay (Bank of Scotland) , They also have a Hong Kong branch office) module available in the contribution section asiapay/paydollar/China UnionPay , based out of Hong Kong
  6. Maybe something linke this, catalog listing or rice list (HTML) othervise....easy seo contribs Ultimate SEO URLs cDynamic Meta Tags v1.0
  7. Jumping Rabbit

    oSCommerce backends?

    U might have a look at... Turbocash or Sugarcms or Quickbooks Plugins/integration modules are available in the contributions section...
  8. Jumping Rabbit

    Need to find OSCommerced wizard

    Maybe you can use this or parts from it, Multi Vendor Shipping
  9. Jumping Rabbit

    Contribution login/create account page

    The contrib by Nana supercedes this contrib in functionality by far, so i would recommend those interested to take a look at it first, Fast Easy Checkout . I have never used login/create account page on any live site myself, i just made it in response to a forum request for such a mod... B) I will let this contrib and support for it rest for now.....But if there is enough interest for it..i will release a new cosmetically improved version.
  10. Jumping Rabbit

    OSC Link Manager contribution

    you are missing the defines in includes/filenames.php
  11. Jumping Rabbit

    Contribution login/create account page

    This mod does not offer a choice of create or not create an account..so actually i have no idea what you are talking about... (unless you are talking about Nana/Franks Fast and easy chekout mod..which does have this option aswell as incorporating this mod as part of it) The good news.. after the christmas rush is over.. i will post an updated version with more elegant layout and a further 1 step reduction of the checkout.... So till after happy new year...have a greate time.... :-)
  12. Jumping Rabbit

    Can someone verify what options I have for CC pmnts

    For US based businesses Authorize.net is an easy way to have the customers complete the transactions on your site, but with some modifications you also have several more options.. Linkpoint Verisign Payflowpro Worldpay Select Pro PayPal Payments Pro ++++++
  13. Jumping Rabbit

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    It seems that you have neglected to remove this from your includes/application_top.php // SEO URLs require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'url_rewrite.php'); $url_rewrite = new url_rewrite; $url_rewrite->request_url();
  14. Jumping Rabbit

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    1. Go to your shops admin and under tools>>Server Info , you can view info about your server/hosting Check which HTTP Server.... (For these mods to work this should be Apache) And further down under Apache...check that mod_rewrite is listed among the Loaded Modules. If those 2 are ok...then it should work.....
  15. Jumping Rabbit

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Are you hosted on a Windows or a Linux server?