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  1. crafted4you

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    I seem to be having a problem with STS Plus v4 I have tried just STS 3 aswell but there doesnt seem to be any padlock showing the certificate when I go on to secure pages. It works fine without STS installed but not when it is. I have also made no changes at the mo to the template.
  2. crafted4you

    easy populate 2.79a Question

    It has been a while since I have done this but if it doesnt show under configuration one of the steps has not been completed or was done wrong. I would just go through it again and double check it. As for the .SQL file you need to go to your database admin program. I access mine through my sites control panel and it is called phpMyAdmin once you have opened your database admin you can select the database you want to run it on and there should be an SQL tab. On mine once you select that there is a browse button so that I can select the .SQL file off my pc and the just click run/go. Hope this helps. Like I say it has been a while but when I first started adding in the contributions I keep having loads of problems but about 90% of them was me not double checking the instuctions, I keept adding things instead of replacing line's.
  3. crafted4you

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hope someone can give me some advice it may be something simple but I dont seem to be having any joy. Anyway I have all my SSL setup fine and I can seem to getting working fine on my normal shop but not on my new one I am doing with STS. Basically I have notice that on the standard shop when you click on a page that requires the SSL certificate it changes the URL of all your images to the secure site (https) so that the padlock will load and people can view the certificate but on the the STS site all the image URL's just stay on the standard HTTP so no padlock loads so the cetificate cant be viewed. Do I just need to have a different template for all the pages that need to loaded securely or is there some other simple little thing that I am missing.
  4. crafted4you

    STS_plus newbie

    This should help. I am quite new to it as well but have been following the instructions on the OSc documentation and been playing arround and im getting there. Still more to do but you can see how it works OScommerce Document - Use Of Cascading Style Sheets http://www.oscommerce.info/docs/english/e_...x_headings.html My (in the working) Site with STS. My running one is pretty bog standard. http://www.crafted4you.co.uk/zzzzzzzzz/nfo...talog/index.php Having problems at the mo trying to get the search box to stay the same size (a bit smaller than it is on the front page ) but the more content I put in the middle the taller the search box gets. I f you go to downloads you will see what I mean it just goes massive
  5. crafted4you

    STS Template system - Search box

    Sorry another problem to add to this as well. I have tried on several occasions to install the SEF URL with this and it just deosnt work the link changes to the categories name but just cant find the page. Also you cant log into the my account as it says the browser cookies are disabled but there not. I have set both the cache and the session files to the same place and the cache files are writing there so there should be any problems with the other. Hope someone can help
  6. crafted4you

    STS Template system - Search box

    Sorry forgot to add link http://www.crafted4you.co.uk/zzzzzzzzz/nfo...talog/index.php
  7. Not sure if this is to do with the STS contribution or not but basicaly I want to just make my search box the same size all the time. I am just playing around with a template for my site and this is the first time I have used it so may be doing some thing wrong but if you take a look you will see what it is doing. I have deleted most all most of the stuff from the front page and the search box comes out a nice size but the more thing you put in there the taller the search box's get. So if you click on the MY ACCOUNT tab then you will see as there is more content on that page. If you click on downloads you will see it getting even bigger. I just want it to stay the same size. Hop someone can help. Thanks Dave
  8. crafted4you

    uk postal rates contrib

    I had the same problem as above when I had it set as below Zone 1 Countries UK But I then added GB as below and it now come up as an option when a customer wants to checkout. Zone 1 Countries UK,GB But I have changed all the shipping rates so that I can set products in a certain catergory to a set weight and it will give then free delivery for up to 10 of the items which seem to work fine but when other products are put in the cart (None free delivery items) with the correct weights in it doesnt seem to be able to add it up right. The weight is correct but the prive in comes out on the cart doesnt match the price for the weight. Here are the rates 1:0.00,60:0.30,100:0.46,150:0.64,200:0.79,250:0.94,300:1.07,350:1.21,400:1.40,45 0:1.59,500:1.78,600:2.15,700:2.52,750:2.71,800:2.90,900:3.27,1000:3.64 So any thing up to 1g is free, this is were I have set the cards at 0.1 so once they get to 10 it will add on the ?0.30 charge which seems to work. But I have just done a test for the rest of the delivery and set one item at a 1g so I should be able to add 60 of then before it jumps up to the next delivery cost but for some reason it jumps to ?0.80 when I get to 40 and the weight is correct on the cart just is doesnt match the postage prices in admin. I have taken every thing of like % increase for large packages and there is handling fee and no tare weight but it still does it. Hope someone can help and hope the GB helped you guys.
  9. It was me I replaced to much code. It seems to be working now but I thought that the thumbnail would show when you see the list of products and then when you go into the product you would the correct size image. Instead I seem to get the small image when I go into the product description and only get the correct image size when I click to enlarge the image. What I really want to have is two image size's so the thumbnail a percentage of the size of the original and the when you go into the product I want the original with no enlarge button. and last of all P.S You're not my I/S lecturor by any chance? is that in cambridge?
  10. I have installed this twice on a test site so that I dont mess my shop up and all I get is Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_href_link() in /mnt/web_i/d14/s42/b0244bb2/www/zzz/nfoscomm/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 467 When opening the site. Also if I get this to work can I have the thumbnails to be a percentage of the size of the original as I dont want all my small images to be the same width or height. Please help
  11. Hi, Sorry if you meant me I am using 4.3 or trying to anyway. All I want to do is just offer free P&P on a certain catagory and the items are still being posted so I still want it to come of stock and have them fill in the shipping details. If there is a better way to do this could some one please offers some advice. Thanks Dave
  12. Could some offer some advise please on this I have installed the mod but when I got to the Admin and go to shipping modules I just get the below message. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class indvship in /www/includes/modules/shipping/indvship.php on line 14 Also when I goto the store and proceed to checkout I just get the below message Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}' in /www/checkout_shipping.php on line 381 Sorry if this has been asked for already I have done some search's but it keeps coming back with loads of pages that dont seem related to this contr. Thanks in advance
  13. Please could someone help I have realised now what the problem is and it may not be a problem I just dont know. Anyway the whole time I was trying to open the files as it states in the instuctions which is www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapindex.xml www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapproducts.xml www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapcategories.xml Which had not been working and giving the problems I quoted in the forum earlier but I have just notice that it was not loading them because is has actually created different files which will load. www.mysite.co.uk/googlesitemapsitemapindex.xml www.mysite.co.uk/googlesitemapsitemapproducts.xml www.mysite.co.uk/googlesitemapsitemapcategories.xml As the filenames are different to what it states in the instructions will this affect any thing with the sitemap also should I delete out the files that dont work. www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapindex.xml www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapproducts.xml www.mysite.co.uk/sitemapcategories.xml If it doesnt make any difference them I will just go ahead a submit it.
  14. I am also getting this problem and I have changed the code as stated above but still get the same error. Any other suggetions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. crafted4you

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Ignore my last one I am looking at them in the wrong order and was replying to one that had allready been replied to. Duh stupid me