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  1. WOWEE!!! my dreams have come true!! this is the mod that i requested, i feel so special ;-) my store does ALOT of gift vouchers, so i'm really glad to install this "easier" method. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!! www.kpixie.com
  2. my CCGV install has been working like a dream for over 8 months. just wanted to note that before i recommend changes/additions ;-) LOVE IT these are things i wish for the next update -admin to delete vouchers sent to customers -when they have a voucher balance, customers try to type the code in again and it comes back invalid because it was already redeemed.. then i get emails about how to use the voucher.. another option, place the balance in the redeem area (instead of shopping cart box) with its own box, to avoid confusion -option to have a percent discount NOT applied to sale items -easy to edit email templates (for sending gift vouchers)
  3. i cant seem to find an answer to this... what if someone fails to use their voucher balance and wants me to refund their credit card for the voucher amount. how can i delete the voucher balance from their account?
  4. missa88

    Authorize.net and APO Addresses

    I agree, i would like to change my AVS in order to process these orders but i dont want to get chargeback issues... I'm wondering if setting the checkout process to use ISO codes instead of the written out country name would help process APO orders??? as it is now, the country that gets sent to Authorize.net is "APO", which is not a valid country... so if i set the cart to process orders with ISO codes, I could get "USA" to got to Authorize.net for processing the card... am i correct that an APO billing address has USA as the country?
  5. missa88

    Authorize.net and APO Addresses

    I'm having the same problem sometimes i get invalid state errors and when i set it up a different way in the oscommerce control panel, i get country errors... i called authorize.net, they said i have my setting correct for processing APO orders, so i have to look into my shopping cart settings... PLEASE HELP!!! i'm losing customers every day and getting nasty emails... eek! here is the way i tried processing them: TRY NUMBER ONE jo shmo box 1034 city: APO postcode: 90235 state: Armed Forces Europe country: USA TRY NUMBER TWO jo shmo box 1034 city: APO postcode: 90235 state: AE country: APO/FPO both reported errors