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  1. mjpcomp


    coves: You didn't edit the includes/language files... jsl: Well, at least the problem was discovered before it drove you mad (I've been setting up an osCommerce package that has about 35 mods in it right now, and debugging that isn't fun).
  2. mjpcomp

    Thumbnail Generator Problem

    Well, what's the error message saying: Warning: opendir(DIR_FS_CATALOGDIR_WS_IMAGES): failed to open dir: No such file or directory Have you looked at your configuration.php file to see what the value of DIR_FS_CATALOGDIR_WS_IMAGES is? The error message says that DIR_FS_CATALOGDIR_WS_IMAGES couldn't be opened since it apparently doesn't exist. Did you forget to define it?
  3. mjpcomp


    atlantis: You forgot to edit the files in the includes/lang directory.. Look at what was copied, and edit that file. jsl: Which version of osC are you using? Any other mods/contribs added? Can you setup a fresh install with the header-tags controller and see if the same thing happens?
  4. mjpcomp


    When you view the source, look at the lines related to the header. Is anything there not correct? Nothing should be affecting the link at all. Can you try this: Remove the header tags controller related lines from the success page (I believe it's checkout_success.php)... Does the problem go away? Have you made sure that all your files were uploaded in ASCII mode to the server? If you recently made this addition, and all three exhibit the same problem, it could be related to how the modified files were uploaded back to the server(s).
  5. mjpcomp


    Looks like it might have something to do with your Search friendly URLs (do you have that enabled)? If you don't, do you have something else re-writing the URLs?
  6. Well.. no one appears to have helped, so I'll take a jab at it: Your problem appears to be that you are missing the qb_iif_sale.php file in the catalog/includes folder (according to the first error line: Warning: main(includes/qb_iif_sale.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/catalog/checkout_process.php on line 276 ) Failed to open stream (couldn't open the file), and it's looking for the file includes/qb_iif_sale.php So, make sure you uploaded everything correctly... lowercase (if non-Windows based), and whatnot... If you still have trouble, post here again.
  7. mjpcomp

    Autopopulate sets weight to 0

    Have similar problems - we only want to update certain columns, but it would appear that you have to re-import everything, which is not that great of a design (hard-coded)... Best way is to edit the code and make it not even touch the fields... I haven't got around to that yet, since I'm remaking our company store using MS2... That's been the biggest prob with EasyPopulate - it can easily screw up your data if you don't even want to update it...
  8. mjpcomp

    create users from admin

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1644 You may want to search in the contributions for this stuff
  9. mjpcomp

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Sorry, one more suggestion: Add a "manual recalc" button for those portable (PDA/Phone/etc..) browsers that can't correctly run javascript. Sure, other parts of the site may not work, but at least they can get a price... And, the recalc button would probably need to be a POST or GET method, not another javascript function (otherwise that would defeat the purpose)... Jas
  10. mjpcomp

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Jason: Just checking in... Have you had the time to work on the contrib (I know it's the holiday season, so ignore this until next year, just bringing it up now so I don't forget)...
  11. Could you please upload this to the contribs? I would like to give this update a try... Jas
  12. mjpcomp

    Automated Auction Process

    Doug: That looks just like what the "Guest Account" contrib does... Do you have that installed? Jas
  13. mjpcomp

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Stephen: Couple suggestions I'd hope you consider... 1 - Allow for individual prices to be hidden. Sometimes, we don't want them to know what we're charging since we charge less for components in a prebuilt system (than individual parts). Sure, they can calculate it manually by going through all the options, but it would be better just to have the final pricing down below. Sidenote: possibly adjust the item name to display a +$x or -$x amount so they know what they add or subtract. 2 - Allow for changing individual (admin selectable) components in a pre-built system. We offer pre-built configs, but the customer may want to upgrade the memory or add a DVD+-RW, etc... Allow us (admin) to set what items can be changed, or items that can be added along (i.e. printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, monitor etc...). Just some thoughts for the future... Jas
  14. mjpcomp

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Stephen: Does the updated readme (in the contrib download) include everything discussed over the past few days? Just wanted to know whether I'd have to go back through all the postings... Thanks, Jas
  15. mjpcomp


    This contribution might be something you'd want to stay away from - it's full of bugs and errors... However, just go through build.php - you'll notice a pattern, you'll notice where each "item" shows up - and you can just move blocks of code around. But, you're better off having people add the components to their cart for a full pc. Yeah, it's sloppy, probably will cause a few order problems/delays, but - hey, it'll work.