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  1. I have the authorize.net payment module set up and it will accept payment, however it does not show in the admin area the items that were ordered. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. I?m still having trouble getting something sorted out with the Shipping Calculations. I think I have everything worked out now except these calculations. If I use the UPS option and create an order on my site on the checkout page it just displays: An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations. Invalid ShipperPostalCode Will UPS only work if you use a United States Postal code? I want to make the calculations at $5.95 per item to the US (orders over $59 free) and $14.95 + $1 for each item internationally. From the choice of modules which ones would be the best? Zone rates seem to only let you use 1 zone for calculations. I would need something that will do a local US calculation and international based on that price. Thank you.