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  1. ccgrealm

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Two very small questions: First, while the International side of things looks fine, the Domestic side is configured a little differently, and I would like them to look the same. International example: Express Mail International (EMS) (6 Days) Domestic example: Express Mail: (1-3 days) There is an extra : in the domestic quote, and I cannot find where this is inserted. Any help here would be great. Second issue: Is there a way to sort the domestic quotes like the international quotes are sorted? I would like the options to appear as Express, Priority, First Class. This is how the international options appear, but the domestic options are sorted alphabetically (Express, First Class, Priority). It looks odd. I have v4.01 beta installed. Thanks in advance!
  2. ccgrealm

    Fix for missing First Class International

    According to the email that I received from USPS, there are actually 3 First Class Mail International formats now: Letter, Flat, and Parcel, which would explain the high cost for 1oz. at the package price. I'm sure the Letter option is less...
  3. ccgrealm

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Were they out of the Forever stamps? I would think that purchasing a ton of those would save you a little money down the road. I also received the email, on Friday, although I have not yet had the chance to browse through the changes. I am excited about the new online discounts for Priority and Express Mail, however. I use Stamps.com for my domestic shipping, and the Priority discounts may allow me to offer shipping discounts more frequently.
  4. ccgrealm

    Purchase without account?

    Thank you Leslie. I will check it out now.
  5. ccgrealm

    Purchase without account?

    Fair enough Leslie. Does anyone know which version of PWA is stable for MS2.2?
  6. ccgrealm

    Purchase without account?

    I'm running osCommerce MS2.2 - which version of PWA should I download? And, looking through the list of download choices - do I need to pay particular attention to any of the bug fixes released? I don't have any major contributions installed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Well, as I expected, I got a generic answer for the problem: I generally like Netfirms service, and I have had an account with them for 4-5 years, but unless you have the right hosting package, their customer service is a little lacking.
  8. You'll have to let me know if you receive word back as to what the problem was - I still haven't received anything. I'm just happy everything is working fine now.
  9. Actually, I just tried everything by enabling the USPS module and proceeding through the checkout, and it's working now. I'd like to know what the problem was, but their customer service is wonderfully vague on matters like this. I'm sure I'll get an email in 2-3 hours claiming that there was a "problem that affected a small number of sites", yada, yada, yada. Anyway, as I said, it seems to be working now - maybe you should try out your site as well.
  10. Actually, I'm on Netfirms as well. I assumed that it was the shipping module, because, as I said, I disabled the USPS module, and everything works as it should (I have my shipping set at Per Item for the moment). I did email both USPS and Netfirms, but I have yet to receive a reply from either. In the case of Netfirms, this usually means that there is a problem, and they'll get back to me when it's resolved. :thumbsup: I know that there was a server issue this weekend (Sunday? Saturday? I can't remember...) where the entire site was done for a few hours - not just my store, but also my email, as well as the database server and their customer service database, so I couldn't even contact them! You'll have to let me know if you have any better luck getting through to them.
  11. Does anyone know if there are currently any issues involving the USPS Rate Calculator API? I keep getting a 502 Proxy error when checking out of my site. The entire error is: I have emails in to both my host and the USPS Web Tools support, but due to the late time, I'm sure I won't hear anything until morning. I'm fairly certain it's the USPS module, because I disabled it, leaving only the Flat Rate option, and everything works just fine. I'm thinking that there may be a server issue on their end, and it's returning a blank page after a connection timeout. I should mention that I'm using 2.2MS, and have an updated USPS module that interacts correctly with the latest API (that was released in May). Anyone else having any recent issues using the USPS module? (By recent, I mean in the past day or two - I know that it worked just fine Monday). Reading through the other related posts to my situation, it seems refreshing the page/clearing the browser cache seemed to work. However, this did not work for me in either Firefox or IE. Thanks in advance!
  12. ccgrealm

    Extra Field in Product Listing

    I'm sure that there are others, but I used this one, and it would great (as long as you follow the instructions) :thumbsup: Add new products field contrib
  13. ccgrealm

    Easy Populate Version 3

    I wouldn't mind the ability to add to current inventory using EasyPopulate, instead of just writing over the current quantity field. For example, say the number of Item X currently in stock (stored in the qty field in the db) is 5. I have 2 more to add to inventory. Instead of updating the db by stating that there are now 7 in stock, it would be nice to just list 2 in the EasyPopulate v_products_quantity field and have it added to the current qty value (sort of like qty += v_products_quantity). Also (and I'm not even sure if this is possible), the ability to split a downloadable EP file would be a nice feature (much like you can do while uploading an EP file). Great contrib, by the way! I use it almost daily.
  14. Hello, I would appreciate some help making a (hopefully) minor modification to my easyPopulate contrib currently installed on my store (it is either v2.3 or v2.4 - I can't remember off the top of my head). I would like to be able to upload items to my database, and instead of the value in the v_products_quantity field being stored in the database, I would like it to be added to the value already stored in the database - i.e. something to this effect: SET products_quantity = (products_quantity + v_products_quantity) I'm afraid my PHP skills at this moment are a little lacking, and I'm not even really sure where I would make this change in the file. I would appreciate any help and/or advice in this matter, as I make anywhere between 1 and 4 updates a week to my database, and this would certainly save quite a bit of time.
  15. I have a general question concerning easyPopulate: Is there a way to make it so that, when I upload items using easyPopulate, the value in the v_products_quantity is added to the current total stored in my database, as opposed to overwriting it, as it does now. For example, I run a trading cards store, and I routinely add singles to the store. If I were to upload the following example: v_products_model 123-456-78 v_products_price $1.00 v_products_quantity 5 EOREOR EOREOR I would like the new quantity value (in this ex., 5) to be added to the stored value in my database (for the example's sake, we'll say there are 12 singles in stock already). So, instead of entering 17 (and having to check for each item to see how many are currently in stock), I would like to add the 5 to the current 12 (I hope this makes sense....if not, I apologize). I'm hoping that there is a patch I can add or modify to the current easyPopulate file to make this happen (I did read through the modifications at the beginning of the file, but found nothing to answer this question). Thanks in advance!