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  1. caraudiodeals

    Drastic change in UPS calculation?

    Yes, we've noticed it, and it's a big problem. We still use the old 'UPS Choice' shipping module that uses the now ancient qcostcgi.cgi interface. The results are coming back way too high (at least it's in that direction!). I'm guessing that either UPS has discontinued support for this interface, or they've introduced a bug that will hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime I guess it's time to finally consider changing to one of the newer modules.
  2. The discount amount is actually correct in both cases - the contrib just is simply combining the tax savings as well into the shown discount amount, which is technically correct. The order total is $790.68 with no discounts applied. In the first scenario the discount is applied only to the sub-total amount of $679.99, resulting in an easy calculation and an amount of $13.60. In the second scenario however the tax is recalculated based on the new subtotal, which results in added savings to the buyer. In this case, the old tax amount was $102, and the new tax amount is $99.96 - which is a further savings of $2.04. When you add that to the $13.60 you end up with the true total discount amount to the customer of $15.64.
  3. caraudiodeals

    Updated spiders.txt Official Support Topic

    The quickest comparison is the one you don't have to do at all, right? Perhaps testing for a valid agent isn't the way, but an idea was floated about checking to see if a session has already been started. That seems like an excellent idea - yes you have to trudge through the list once for a valid client only to discover they are not a robot/spider - but on subsequent page requests there would be a session set already, so no need to check through the spiders.txt file again.
  4. caraudiodeals

    Updated spiders.txt Official Support Topic

    If the browser name field were also considered would that help? It appears that most robots at least change the browser name to something different. For example, internet exporer has a browser name of 'MSIE' and an agent string starting with 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE' - if those two conditions are met, I would assume it is safe to assume the visitor is a person using internet explorer, and not some robot/spider.
  5. caraudiodeals

    Updated spiders.txt Official Support Topic

    I'm wondering if a slight change in the code could help out - it appears that 'spiders.txt' is used to filter out user-agents. I suggest adding a 'approved_agents.txt' file that is used to filter-in user-agents. A bit of code would need to be added in a /includes/application_top.php } elseif (SESSION_BLOCK_SPIDERS == 'True') { $user_agent = strtolower(getenv('HTTP_USER_AGENT')); $spider_flag = false; if (tep_not_null($user_agent)) { // bof approved_agent $approved_agents = file(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'approved_agents.txt'); $is_approved_agent = false; for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($approved_agents); $i<$n; $i++) { if (tep_not_null($approved_agents[$i])) { if (is_integer(strpos($user_agent, trim($approved_agents[$i])))) { // found an approved agent is_approved_agent = true; break; } } } if (false == is_approved_agent) { // eof approved_agent $spiders = file(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'spiders.txt'); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($spiders); $i<$n; $i++) { if (tep_not_null($spiders[$i])) { if (is_integer(strpos($user_agent, trim($spiders[$i])))) { $spider_flag = true; break; } } } // bof approved_agent } // eof approved_agent } The approved_agent.txt file need not be complete, only a few agents in the file would hit about 80% of the traffic. It would take so few, that it might even be easier to simply create an array of approved agents right in the application_top.php file. Am I way off base with this? Also, if I'm reading the code correctly, am I right in that if 'Force Cookies' is true that none of this matters?
  6. caraudiodeals

    UPS rates are innacurate

    The UPS module selects the incorrect field by default. In the /includes/modules/shipping/ups.php file modify the two lines that read $result[8] to have $result[10] instead. That field is the actual shipping cost.
  7. caraudiodeals

    Shipping charged per item by weight?

    We have the same requirement. Basically the functionality needed is a checkbox that could be checked if the item must be shipped separately from other items. If checked, it would treat that item as a separate package that gets a separate quote from UPS. If unchecked the item can be combined with other items that also have that checkbox unchecked and packaged together.