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  1. ddesatnik

    Go to shopping cart after add to cart

    Thank you for the reply! I have that option set but I believe that only works for the product_listing.php where the "add now" option is activated per each line. It worked ok BEFORE I added the multi cart contribution (which uses product_listing_multi.php in place of the default product_listing.php but now when I add quantities to multiple products on one page, press the "add to cart" button the user is NOT taken to the shopping cart page. Anybody else using the Products Multi v1.0 contribution and get this to work? Thanks! Doug
  2. Does anybody know how to send the user to the shopping cart after they have added a product to the cart? Currently after a user has entered a quantity and presses the "add to cart" button the item is added correctly to the cart but the catelog main page is then displayed and not the shopping cart page. I am using the Products Multi v1.0 contribution. Thanks! Doug
  3. ddesatnik

    Customers Status V3.x

    Hey Elari, I installed yur contribution and it works great - THANK YOU!!! However I am getting one remaining bug to fix. Within this forum topic envy2000 had an issue with viewing orders from the Admin section an posted the following error which is exactly the problem I am having now: 1054 - Unknown column 'orders_status_need_conf' in 'field list' select orders_status_id, orders_status_name, orders_status_need_conf, orders_status_need_conf_id, orders_status_final from orders_status where language_id = '1' [TEP STOP] You replied the following: this is part of DOS_Payment, you can install it or remove unnecessary change I am not quite sure how to remove unnecessary change from DOS_Payment. Can you please be a bit more specific and lead me the right path towards solving this last piece of the puzzle? AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A FABULOUS CONTRIBUTION!! Doug
  4. ddesatnik

    customers status 3.x Guest Pricing Problem

    Figured it out. I never changed the value in the "My Store" setting for the default guest status.
  5. I installed the Customer Status 3.x contribution and all seems to be working ok except that Guest pricing does not display. I have defined in the admin section for "Guest Status" to display pricing. Pricing display correctly only after a user has signed in to the system, problem seems to be that BEFORE a user signs in and is simply browsing, pricing does not display. Anybody have a suggestion? GREAT CONTRIBUTION ELARI - THANK YOU!! Doug
  6. Hey Kristian, Just found and implemented your code for the products_new.php bug and looks like everything works! Just wanted to frop you a note and to say THANK YOU! DOug
  7. Actually, seems that I just found a fix on this board posted by Kristian Sogaard http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...ustomer+pricing I implemented the code swap outlined on the above thread and the products_new.php page works perfect now! SO check it ou if you are still looking for the solution. Doug
  8. Hi RickChase, Did you ever find the problem? I am finding the same exact error and before I go crazy searching and debugging I was hoping that maybe you could save me the effort so I can concntrate on other problems as well. Thanks! Doug