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  1. my version is not frozen but it is CE with BS4, would still think you should be able to logout though I use coupon codes and they can be changed without issue, also clients can log out when ever they wish so would assume there is a issue with the session not allowing the coupon to be changed, think it would be a good start to see why it cannot be logged out first Kindest regards
  2. DAVID3733

    master password paypal password

    Yes I agree it doing everything that it should, and if i hadn't have had a old paypal customer come back to purchase via credit card I wouldn't have known that there was a issue It just needs to ignore that the password field is blank so we can be logged in Thanks a lot for looking at this, it helps a lot to know its how it should be, even if thats not quite what I would like regards
  3. DAVID3733

    master password paypal password

    Hi again https://apps.oscommerce.com/y2XRp&simple-master-password-for-osc-2-3-1 https://apps.oscommerce.com/y2XRp&simple-master-password-for-osc-2-3-1 regards
  4. DAVID3733

    master password paypal password

    Hi Thanks for replying to my question, I did think that would be the case but its nice to have it confirmed So that leaves master Password not working if the password field is blank I used a password from a known customer account and put the encrypted details direct into the database and can log into it So I assume that its normal from all other aspects which just leaves master password not liking a blank password field I believe the contrib uses the function below in password_funcs.php // This function validates a plain text password with a // salted or phpass password function tep_validate_password($plain, $encrypted) { if (tep_not_null($plain) && tep_not_null($encrypted)) { if (tep_password_type($encrypted) == 'salt') { return tep_validate_old_password($plain, $encrypted); } if (!class_exists('PasswordHash')) { include('includes/classes/passwordhash.php'); } $hasher = new PasswordHash(10, true); return ($hasher->CheckPassword($plain, MASTER_PASS) || $hasher->CheckPassword($plain, $encrypted)); } return false; } Not sure but i read this as it only looks at the password if its not null so if its null its not not running slightly (by a lot) out of my depth in reading the function, but thats kind of what it says to me
  5. I have Simple Master Password v3.1 osC 2.3.x installed on CE BS4 PHP-7.2 I am not sure if the issue i have is by design or not all seems to work fine except if a client has purchased via paypal express I cannot log on as the customer for a new sale to be made via other means when i look into the database there are no passwords stored for these transactions, and i can understand why if that is supposed to be the case But would have thought we could still login as the customer after the fact I am pretty sure we could on the old server with a lower PHP of 5.4, I do not think it has such a high encryption, and certainly never said encypt in the admin panel as the version above does so the question is should i be able to log in as a old paypal express customer? Should the database be storing passwords for paypal express customers? Hope i have explained this enough regards david
  6. DAVID3733

    Request Product Reviews

    As a update now I have everything working I thought i would catalog what I had done to help others and to remind myself when I have forgotten I am not a coder, just a shop owner so cannot give advice, and what I have done may not be very slick but its working Running CE BS4, and PHP 7.2.16 I wanted a email to go out to request a review 7 days after "dispatch", as some of our products are ordered in especially, some we import in direct and some have to be made, so there can be no specific approx time after the order was made, and sending out a request for a review before the good were delivered is a no-no. Also on "dispatch" I wanted to send a email out at the end of the day with, link to their Invoice, a care sheet for the product which is important, we use a number of different couriers so contact and website tracing address for all of them (tracking number sent direct from admin when advised of dispatch), even put a voucher in there for good measure. I used the version 1.01 dated 18th February 2008 downloaded from below link http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5471 I do not use filenames in my version of OSC, there was a little bit of editing of review_mail.php but not much, PHP error log on my server proved a very informative place for finding the errors after the SQL was installed, which went without a hitch using PHP my admin INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (NULL, 'Days delay for review email', 'REVIEW_REMINDER_DELAY', '10', 'Number of days to wait before sending a review reminder email', 1, 998, now(), now(), NULL, NULL); INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (NULL, 'Review email limit', 'REVIEW_REMINDER_NEWSLETTER', '1', 'Send review reminder email only to customers who accept newsletters (set to 1)', 1, 999, now(), now(), NULL, NULL); ALTER TABLE `orders` ADD `reminder_sent` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER `orders_status`; you must also set the - remonder_sent to 1, this stops you sending out to all your old orders while you are testing so do not forget it UPDATE orders SET reminder_sent = 1 As I stated I also wanted to send a different email out upon dispatch so i duplicated what i had done previously with a few changes INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (NULL, 'Days XXXXXXchangedxxxxxxdelay for dispatch email', 'XXXXXXchangedXXXXXDISPACTED_REMINDER_DELAY', 'XXXXXXchangedXXXXX0', 'Number of days to wait before sending a XXXXXXXXchangedXXXXX dispacth reminder email', 1, XXXXXXXXXchangedXXXXXX1001, now(), now(), NULL, NULL); Didnt need a copy of REVEIW_REMINDER_NEWSLETTER ALTER TABLE `orders` ADD `XXXXXXchangedXXXXXdispatched_sent` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER `orders_status`; And of course don't want the emails going out while testing so UPDATE orders SET dispatched_sent = 1 Now the next problem I am using SEO-URL-5 and status handler, these caused problems, I do not know enough to know why, but noticed earlier in the thread that there was a fix from user - bassmaga this fix basically said in terms i understand that if the file requesting this page is review_mail.php then do not bother including URL-SEO t was called in catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php if (basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) != 'review_mail.php') { require_once DIR_WS_MODULES . 'ultimate_seo_urls5/main/usu5.php'; } I also had a request for a file (status handler) the file in catalog/includes/functions/general.php I would not have known about these if i hadn't been using the php error logs in my server to find issues becuase I do not really know what i am doing and could get "OR" or "||" working and i wanted to use more than one version of review_mail.php I changed it to $email_workaround = basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']); $email_workaround_list = array ('review_mail3.php','review_mail.php','dispatched_mail.php'); if (in_array ($email_workaround,$email_workaround_list)) {} else{ require_once 'includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/usu5.php'; } you will note that I have 3 files now 'review_mail3.php','review_mail.php','dispatched_mail.php' I have review mail in twice becuase we have 2 dispatched status codes, 3 and 50540, bit messy i know but our database goes back many years plus my new dispatched_mail.php Now I can run 3 cron jobs every night to send out the emails if you rename a copy of review_mail.php then remember to also keep the same name for template review_mail.tpl, ie review28_mail.php review28_mail.tpl Do not know much about templates but would recommend you use tables in them, seems to work much better and easier to keep things where you want them I would also recommend "Burts" "Order Keys" with this there is no need for the customer to log in, this is done for them, cannot find it on here, but if you search user name "Burt" I am sure he will point you in the right direction Kindest regards David
  7. DAVID3733

    All Products SEO

    Hello I am not a expert but would thinks that main crawlers would have no problem navigating a modern OSC website Plus you have whats new, that can show all products, also if it has pagination and view-all then every product is available on a single page to the crawler, I am guessing that any version of OSC that is using BS4 would have these capabilities already, check you have them activated as header tags, without adding another module to complicate and increase the bots ability to crawl your site, remember they do have a limit of the number of pages they will crawl in a day and duplicating whats already available to them might not be the best use of the crawl budget But like i said, no expect just a shop owner regards
  8. DAVID3733

    Request Product Reviews

    Hello We have CE BS4 running on php 7.2 plus Just to say this contribution is working on our set up, It was not straight out of the box but any changes that were needed were available in this thread to enable it to work, using php errors log on the server to pick out the issues made it easier Probably going to use the framework for other emails we send to clients after dispatch to when have more time, we always on a previous version used a autoresponder but could not find suitable alternative to work with PHP7 Have fun David
  9. DAVID3733

    Email queuing system

    Hello My perspective as a shop owner is that emails such as request review, care of product or other information such as shipping are all sent in relation to when the goods are dispatched, not ordered, this does not necessarily mean at they will be at the same time, goods may need to be manufactured or maybe ordered in or other restriction to dispatch. David
  10. DAVID3733

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi there Mountain Man I can not tell what the problem is as but a shop owner, I can say that I had lots of very strange issues with caching and I would look there first, the only one I could get working reliably was file, and even then I would still look in ftp to see if they were deleted properly after using reset in admin regards
  11. As i detest it when people ask questions but do not post what the result was then here is the answer I was looking far to deeply in admin>modules>discount code there is a sub section "Base discount tax on prices excl.Shall discount tax be calculated by portions based on product prices excl tax?Only affects stores showing prices incl. tax and mixed orders including products with different tax rates." When i set this to false the issue went away, i wouldn't have thought this was right as it is adding the discount twice so maybe there is a conflict, but its working and i can look further another time when less stressed
  12. Slight update on this issue if the client is outside UK and does not pay tax then it works fine one would have to assume the problem is related some how to the Tax module adding the discount code again but have not found it yet I am using Possibility A Modules Sort Order Discount Code 2 Shipping 3 Sub-Total 1 Tax 4 Total 5 but would not have thought this would make any difference to it
  13. Hi There Using 4.4.2 with CE BS4 Also have Modular shopping cart installed Only just noticed but the discount is doubled when client has logged in reinstalled everything incase i missed something but still the same, any clues as to whet the issue might be? kindest regards
  14. DAVID3733

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Update piernas, the author of the R2.09 changes was kind enough to contact and provide some changes for me to test, I can confirm this solve the issue and the Hreflang can now be seen by search engines, I believe he will be posting the fix shortly, also he is lloking into the X-Default tag which is the last missing piece of the puzzle Regards
  15. DAVID3733

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    As the R2.09 version of this has a problem with the hreflang as mentioned above, so no hreflang will ever be seen correctly from a search engine including google, and i have tried to get assistance commercial and otherwise to no avail as its out of my ability, further as the authors own website has the same issue then I suppose my only recourse it to revert to a earlier version Can anybody advise if any version (i have links going back over 10 years in this format) with work with CE BS4 php7.2 Including language support failing that can anybody advise on either a method the write a hreflang XML sitemap from the website or a different Hreflang content module that may work thank you David