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  1. DAVID3733

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    I have installed this on 2.3.4bs quite close to phoenix, easy install, can see the Google box so assume its all working on contact and create account Would think a good addition would be product pages as well, assume it would help with bots scraping, has anyone done this? Regards David
  2. DAVID3733

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Not sure what base version of the module I am using but i have somethng like thats on 2.3.4bs4 php 7.216 chdir('../'); include_once 'includes/application_top.php'; $use_mysqli = true; if (function_exists('tep_get_version')) { $ver = tep_get_version(); if (isset($ver[4]) && $ver[4] > 1) { //only versions after 2.3.1 use mysqli $use_mysqli = true; } } $myfetch_mysql = ($use_mysqli ? mysqli_fetch_object : mysql_fetch_object);
  3. DAVID3733

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    I take that back, it cause other issues, if i ever find the right method i will post back
  4. DAVID3733

    Pop up image product page not working

    Hi Thanx for the reply, gave me a place to start looking, its not actually downloading some of the header tags, not sure yet why
  5. DAVID3733

    Change from .htaccess to httpd.conf

    Ok After many sleepless nights I managed to get it working, with so far one problem, the product page image is not popping to larger image, cant find the issue yet, think it must be path related The biggest issue was with the seo rewriter URLS5 PRO but manged to change a few of the lines to get it working My old htaccess had thousands of lines and now its in httpd.conf I have knocked quite a bit off initial load time Unless you have a lot of diverts like me though I do not think it would be worth it
  6. DAVID3733

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Can confirm with a bit of jiggling it will work in httpd.conf had to change RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9/-]+)-c-([0-9_]+)\.html$ index.php? [NC,L,QSA] to RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9/-]+)-c-([0-9_]+)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$2 [NC,L,QSA] although have problem with popup image not working now, not sure if that related though to URLS5
  7. Hi, Have 2.3.4bs4 Have just managed to to put my htaccess files into Httpd.conf, it was not a easy task for me but its working except for the pop up image on the product page Its no longer downloading the colorbox script, I reloaded the header tag but to no avail As the htaccess is the only thing thats changed I suspect its related to a path but there is no error for me to check, its just not there I do have kissit images but also activated the normal gallery and its still the same issue If someone knows anything that might help to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it David
  8. DAVID3733

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Fully aware of this, I have a number of reasons, mainly because of speed and its my server main htaccess file takes me longer to upload than restarting Apache, both knock the website out so not a consideration
  9. DAVID3733

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Hello Does anybody have URLS 5 Pro working (rewrite) using httpd.conf rather than .htaccess, I want to move over to zero .htaccess files but think this is stopping me Thank you David
  10. DAVID3733

    Change from .htaccess to httpd.conf

    @ecartz @ArtcoInc Thank you or looking, Yes, I can get it working as it should, with, without htacess or appended with, using both a simple site and a fresh install of phoenix, this is using the same web-space as its my test area, bu not the slightly older version that has had a good few things added, like USU5 pro, header status, there must be something conflicting, thats why I thought i would loose all of the htacces files, but come to think of it it will not work if the upper directory Allowoveride is None anyway so a redundant path, I am just going to have to slowly pick it apart to find out which it is
  11. Hi Have a 2.3.4BS4 Just pre pheonix but with much of it included Running on apache 2.4.38 PHP 7.2.16 Http/2 I have a large number of diverts and other rules which are growing, the site has been around a long time with a number of website changes I want to get all the rules in httpd.conf instead, I have done tests and because of the thousands of rules there is improvement on initial page load to make it worth it. Now my problem is its not load the httpd.conf eve though i delete the top level .htaccess, also tried to delete lower level ones too but to no avail Now i did not think it was oscommerce but just done a simple test site and it works, so it must be a conflict somewhere with OScommerce, Now i tried to test with a out of the box Phoenix and that works to so its possibly something thats been added at some time, has anyone come up with this before or could think what might be causing the issue currently my test divert 301 is coming back with Now i thought it was going to be one of the other htaccess files but pretty sure i deleted them all. I even managed to get RewriteOptions InheritBefore on my simple tests, but with a copy of my main site cant get it to see at all. Any ideas would be welcomed Regards David
  12. DAVID3733

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    If it helps anyone I got it workings $parameters = '?view=all'; $detail = array(); usu5_xml_init( $doc, $root); $categories = buildCategoriesCache(); foreach ( $categories as $cid => $detail ) { if( preg_match( '@[0-9_]@', $detail['path'] ) ) { $detail = array( 'url' => (tep_href_link( 'index.php', 'cPath=' . $detail['path'], 'NONSSL', false ) . $parameters), 'lastmod' => date( "Y-m-d", strtotime($detail['last_mod'] ) ), 'freq' => 'weekly', 'priority' => '0.5' ); usu5_node_create( $doc, $root, $detail ); Regards
  13. DAVID3733

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi I use the xml site map function as well, it produes two languages and all works as should But I canonical all of my categories to ?Viewall I am struling getting the sitemap to list this I thought it would be easy enough, in usu5_itemaps/index.php I edited the following to something like foreach ( $categories as $cid => $detail ) { if( preg_match( '@[0-9_]@', $detail['path'] ) ) { //took out $detail = array( 'url' => tep_href_link( 'index.php', 'cPath=' . $detail['path'], 'NONSSL', false ), //and added ."?viewall" $detail = array( 'url' => tep_href_link( 'index.php', 'cPath=' . $detail['path']."?viewall", 'NONSSL', false ), 'lastmod' => date( "Y-m-d", strtotime($detail['last_mod'] ) ), 'freq' => 'weekly', 'priority' => '0.5' ); usu5_node_create( $doc, $root, $detail ); } } while this does not break it list the URL as a cPath (plus the correct appended ?viewall ) and not the seo version it should Tried loads of different ways, could someone point me in the correct path to resolving it, suspect its very simple just Thank you David
  14. DAVID3733

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi no a coder, in UK 20% vat standard rate i have at different parts of the page define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX', 2); //0 = no tax, 1 = uses google method, 2 = UK Vat ....................................... define('OPTIONS_TAX_RATE' , '20.0'); //default = 0 (e.g. for 20.0% tax use "$taxRate = 20.0;") //only used in the next line define('OPTIONS_TAX_CALC', (OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX == 2 ? (OPTIONS_TAX_RATE/100) + 1 : '1')); //UK. US tax rate - US is ignorded since it is 1 .................... if(OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX == 1 || OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX == 3) $output .= "\ttax"; ...................................... if (OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX == 3) { $db_query = tep_db_query("select tax_rate from " . TABLE_TAX_RATES . " where tax_rates_id = " . (int)$row->tax_id); $db = tep_db_fetch_array($db_query); if ($db['tax_rate'] > 0) { $price_w_tax = $row->price_no_tax + (round($row->price_no_tax * ($db['tax_rate']/100),2)); //echo 'price '.$row->id. ' W TAX= ' . $row->price . ' No Tax= '.$row->price_no_tax .' CALC= '. $price_w_tax . ' ' .$row->tax_id.'<br>'; $row->price = $price_w_tax; } //else price uses the default tax } //else price uses the default tax ............................ if(OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX == 1) $output .= "\t" . OPTIONS_TAX_STRING; Not sure if i have edited this myself of found it in the forums, but it works I have some items that are zero vat rated, so it may be different David
  15. DAVID3733

    Lloyds cardnet connector

    Thank you for replying, only just seen it