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  1. Hi there, I installed the contrib and everything works fine. The resize function also works fine but i want to riseze to a diffrent size. Now i changed: $imgTrans->resizeToWidth = 200; $imgTrans->resizeToHeight = 160; In carousel.php but that doesnt seem to work. Can anyone help in how to change the "resize size" Thanx, Bert
  2. bkng

    Event Calender

    Hi there, Would you mind sharing the "few" changes you have made to the google calender contribution. Would be verry appreciated. Thanx, bert
  3. Hi there, I've search this topic ip and down and down and up again. A few times i read the problem about not having images in the newsletter when it arrives. But canot seem to find the answer to this problem It looks great on the site but not in the mail. The path of the images in the mail redirects to the internal path on the site and and when i change the path in the image upload box it still wont show in the mail. Can someone please help me because i'm lost.
  4. bkng

    [CONTRIBUTION] Krika News V1.1

    Hi there, My problem is that the application works fine but when i submit my tekst it says: La operacion se ha realizado con exito Se ha modificado el contenido del archivo de noticias /home/luneya/domains/luneya.nl/public_html/site/Dutch_news.txt The file "Dutch_news.txt" lookst perfect in my working shop. and the same text also is visible in the TyniMCE editor. It just will not change any of the text. the file permissions of "Dutch_news.txt" are 777 so that is not the problem. I hope anyone can help me. Kind regards, Bert
  5. bkng

    Newsletter images problem

    I forgot to say. i'm talking about the FCKEditor Newsletter HTML contrib installed. Thanx for helping
  6. Hi There, I use Easy populate 2.60 to upload my database. Now I'm adding some extra fields to my product database. But i also want to upload those fields with Easy Populate. So basicly i want to extend the working of easy populate with extra fields. Who can help me. I no that good help doesn't come cheep so i'm willing to pay the the one who brings the ultimat solution. Please help me.
  7. Hi there, I use the Paypal IPN (version 0.96) in my shop www.4game.nl. Everything works fine and the payments are made perfectly but the orderststus doesnt change. It stays on paypal processing. And so the orderconfirmation mail is not send to a costumer and the shopping basket isnt emptied. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. All veryy nice tips but we need a technical sollution. Evrythings works but the statusupdate.
  9. Installing 0.96 does the same on my site
  10. Hi ther, I installe a theme pack and everything works great. The only thing i dont get to work is the the advance search option on price. Al the advance search options are visible and i can select a categorie. I can search on everyting including the date but when i search on price < or > the search doesn't find anything. Anyone???? Please???? Bert www.4game.nl
  11. Is there realy no one who can help me?
  12. Is it possible to also upload the product ID with easy populate? I need to do this because i need to clean up my database. And when i clear my database and make a new upload with easypopulate i will loose my connection with the reviews. Hope someone can help me!
  13. First i like to say i think easy populate is great stuf. Now i use 2.52 and it works exactly the way it should. I have a database of about 9000 products wich i upload in about 6 parts, sofar no problems. Only my dtaabase contains lots of text in one field and in this text there are tabs. (this is the way i get it delliverd from my supplier). There you see my problem! because of the tabs in the text it messes up my fields. Now i'm wondering if anyone knows if its possible to change easypopulate to accept files wich are seperated with other then tabs. Another way of doing this would be removeing the tabs fron my text fields. So if anyone knows how to remove the tabs form fields (in excel) that would also to the trick. Hope someone can help me out. Bert
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    Sofar this seems to solve this problem but i got more problems because i use themes in my shops. I will first try to solve these problems myself and if i run into any more problems wich i cannot solve i wil post them here again. Thanx verry much
  15. bkng


    After installing the affiliate message i get the following error message when i trie to open the shop! Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class breadcrumb in /home/sites/4game.nl/web/shop/includes/classes/breadcrumb.php on line 13 Line thirteen has to be one of the following: class breadcrumb { var $_trail; function breadcrumb() { $this->reset(); (i dont know where they start counting) I hope someone can help me cause i would sure like to use this mod.
  16. bkng

    New theme contibution

    Thanx, that would be nice.
  17. bkng

    New theme contibution

    I would like to know that 2
  18. bkng

    New theme contibution

    Thanx, That was the problem. On to the next. (i hope not) ;-)
  19. bkng

    New theme contibution

    I have allreade overcome a lot of problems with the themepack. (all my own fault by the way). I have one (big) problem left. The admin part runs perfectly but when i trie to open the shop i get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_parse_input_field_data() in /home/sites/site205/web/catalog/catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 113 Will be my own fault again but i can not seem to find the awnser. Hope someone can help me.
  20. How to make a gift voucher queued instead of directly being added to the customers account. Can someone please help me as soon as possible I sure would apreciate the help.
  21. Kijk bij de contributions