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  1. Paypal developer Community has several posts about skipping direct to "Pay with Credit Card or Login" screen. These posts indicate that so long as a user's browser has a paypal login cookie, the first page or screen will show up. We have yet to figure out a way to consistently skip the first screen.
  2. avail1now

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Great question, we asked the same on 12/31 and again on 1/4 in this forum. No reply. We asked it in a seperate topic on 1/11 . Still no reply. You would think a lot of shop owners would love to have this feature. Go figure. Have you tried Harald's new contrib 5655 together with paypal ipn? It would be worthwhile to note why would Harald develop this contrib when the osComm team took over development of contrib 2679 as a core payment module?
  3. So if a customer happens to have a cookie set with paypal, he may see first page instead of the second. The challenge is to figure out how to bypass the first page whether customer does or doesn't have a paypal account? Paypal IT support have indicated shopping cart payment code dictates which page is called. And that this feature is not set within paypal account settings.
  4. avail1now

    Article Manager v1.0

    bunem, verify chmod includes/modules/ folder is set to 777 and includes/modules/article_listing.php file is set to 644 and catalog/articles_new.php is set to 644 mylane, check if text entry in articles actually shows up in mysql table articles_description as your install may not be writing to database.
  5. avail1now

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Ian. Not sure about modifying a whole bunch with paypal. You can customize email notifications and more with addon Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods
  6. avail1now

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Before plowing ahead with a paypal ipn upgrade from ver 1.2 to 2.3.3, we would appreciate to note if it is possible to go directly to paypal's second page "Pay with Credit Card or Login" instead of the first page "Pay Fast with Paypal" as shown in our earlier post# 3365 .
  7. avail1now

    Article Manager v1.0

    :thumbsup: Looking forward to see how individual article title tags came through source code. We are seeing similar problem albeit older versions of HTC, Article Manager, & STS.
  8. avail1now

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    A pet peeve of paypal ipn is the initial confusing paypal screen which conceals the link to pay without a paypal account. Customers without a paypal account struggle to find this rather inconspicuous link ultimately resulting in abandoned carts. If customers can locate the pay-without-a-paypal-account link, a second page comes up with two forms: one form to enter credit card info on the left, and another form to pay with a paypal account on the right. I do not know about the later paypal ipn versions as I am still using paypal ipn v 1.1.2, but does V2.3.3 enable us to bypass the first confusing paypal page and take us directly to the second page? The scond page already allows both credit card and paypal methods of payment. Alternatively, how can code be modified to bypass this first page? This is the initial page This is the second page
  9. avail1now


    You do not need to buy anything. Here is a free tableless CSS template you can use with or without STS addon. Many osCommerce shops are using this template in two and three colunm layouts. Here is what tableless CSS template looks like for a working outprize.com site in two column layout with STS addon. Alternatively, you can use this template without STS so long as you redo the catalog pages: index.php, product_info.php, etc... It is up to you how you choose to use it.
  10. avail1now

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Thx for the quick reply Bill. Looking at the install.html inside the STS v 4.5.7, it says: I suppose that the upgrade osCommerce v2.2 Milestone 2 update 060817 to osCommerce v2.2 RC1 step has to be done first prior to upgrading STS v4.2 to STS v4.5.7 , what do you think?
  11. avail1now

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    well it has been a while for me to chime in this forum. Kudos to bkellum and rigadin2 for supporting this addon. I see so many new mods related to STS. I am still using STS v 4.2 which dates back to 10 Aug 2006, could you advise what upgrades are needed to get the latest in templating. current store setup: osCommerce 2.2 milestone 2 update 060817 STS v 4.2 which of these are necessary? are there any other recommended mods related to STS? upgrade osCommerce v2.2 Milestone 2 update 060817 to osCommerce v2.2 RC1 STS 4.5.7 for 2.2MS2 and RC1 Fredrik.r 23 Oct 2007 STS4 Power Pack dcross02 19 Sep 2007 thx for the help
  12. avail1now

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    Dave , your link opened in Adobe reader 7.0 A 104 page catalog. Your logo shows up fine. You have a tree index on two pages. your product pages are blank except for a thick border around where the image is supposed to show. no description shows up on your product pages. images on your product pages produce errors. Make sure you set image size so that it is smaller than the smallest image size in your catalog. This may fix your image error on the pdf. Your page index at the end of the file shows up fine and is 5 pages long. lines are wrapping so reduce font to keep each entry on just one line.