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  1. dittones

    flat rate shipping value will not change

    Stephen, The flat rate is hardcoded in the program...You may have mulit records in the config file...remove if you do and reinstall... When ever you make a change to the program...you need to remove the flat rate...overlay the program then reinstall... I hope this helps.. Roman
  2. I have two contras interfaced a drop shipping/table and warehouse and storage location... If you are interested contact me... Roman
  3. Is your download turned of...just a thought... Roman
  4. Graham Martin Its hard to determine what your problem is just by looking at your code. What I would do to help locate the problem. 1. See if the records are added to your data base from the install. 2. Put some debug displays in my code...This would show you which code logic/program has been executed. example echo "Here: ".$varable; I hope this helps dittone.com Roman
  5. dittones

    Unable to edit the Per Item Section

    Dear dmking29 Strange situation...If you want to remove per item shipping and nothing happens when you click the install...You can go to the the configuration table and see if the per item records are there...if they are there then remove all the per item table records. You can use phpMyAdmin module to do this. If you see the sort 0 showing then the records are there...If you want to use the per item shipping go to the contribution section and do a search for per item shipping and re-install the per item shipping...Their are only two files to the install catalog/include/module/shipping/peritem.php and catalog/include/language/english/module/shipping/peritem.php I hope this helps dittone.com Roman
  6. dittones

    Simple 2 zone shipping module

    The zone.php shipping should work for you...It comes stock with 1 zone set up...Just go into the /module/shipping/zone.php and follow the instructions...Go near the end of the program and copy the if zone code and paste three four times as many as you need and change the if count 2,3...4. go to the top and change the zone number to the number of zones you set up and then save the program and go to the admin/module/shipping and install... I hope this helps dittone.com Roman
  7. dittones

    Multiple zone tables?

    Dear Cannon eer17, The quickest and easiest way to do this is making copies of zone.php to zone_1.php, zone_2.php, zone_3.php and so on for the number of zones that you want... This is the first step...next you must rename the zone reference in the program to the zone_?? accordingly...last and rename these variables so they are different from each other. $this->code = 'zones_1'; $this->title = MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_TITLE_1; $this->description = MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_DESCRIPTION_1; $this->sort_order = MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_SORT_ORDER_1; $this->icon = ''; $this->tax_class = MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TAX_CLASS_1; $this->enabled = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_STATUS_1 == 'True') ? true : false); change all occurances of these in the program. I hope this helps, dittone.com Roman
  8. dittones

    Reverse the MVS database changes?

    Dear Leak-proof You have time stamps and file size information on all of your files... Your program and backup files...This should help you determine what files to use...What I would do: 1. Backup up everything. 2. Use the File sizes and time stamps to determine which files to use. 3. Then do a restore. Note: When you restore the database all database tables will be replaced with your backup...So the database will be as of the backup restore. Just remember to always do a backup before you do any modification. I hope this helps dittone.com Roman
  9. dittones

    Please help out a newbie

    Dear CarolB phpMyAdmin is a wed based Mysql utility that allows you to update your mysql database. Since Your site is being hosted you will need this product to update your database...The product is free just do a google and you should locate a place to download from...When you get it FTP this to your web site and set it up...once you have it set up you will need to insure that the database name at your site is the same database name in auspost.sql verify it by opening the auspost.sql file if it does not use it you can define it to phpMyAdmin then run your script auspost.sql...Their is help info that comes with phpMyAdmin... I hope this helps Roman Dittone.com
  10. dittones

    I could sure use some help here

    Dear Moonlight, If you email me...I can help you dittone@hotmail.com
  11. dittones

    ups AND usps not working after years?

    tmdb57 Shipping shipping...problems problems...I know that whenever you go outside of your relm to another computer network you are going to have a certain level of problems...This has allways been a problem way before the internet just ask any mainframe programmer envolved with ftp to another system allways a connect/handshake problem...This same situations has not vanished when the internet came about still a connect/handshake problems (invalid socket)...so since the shipping is a very important function in sell items on the internet...why not try first to avoid using an API to interface to UPS,USPS and so on... Why not set up and maintain your own shipping rate table in your web system...It may take a little time to build the table but you will find that their are similiar cost for shipping from one state to another...than you would not have to worry about weither about missing an order. Just my thoughts Dittone.com
  12. dittones

    ups AND usps not working after years?

    tmdb57 I tried to ping production.shippingapis.com and got no response... This is the USPS service...you need to contact them for the API interface. if you do a URL to www.shippingapis.com it will redirect to USPS... What I would do is obtain their current API code and look to see if production.shippingapis.com is still a valid portal...you see you are going in a out mode to USPS front end server. Hope this Helps Dittone.com
  13. dittones

    Disable Checkout When Order over a Certain Weight

    Ann Donnelly, Great colors...You might want to turn totals of on your products...this can be done on the admin side... Speed will come into play as you add more product and things... Good luck, Dittone.com
  14. dittones

    Disable Checkout When Order over a Certain Weight

    Ann Donnelly I would also include this code to let the customer know what is happening. Add this right after the if statement it will display an error message at top $messageStack->add('shopping_cart', TEXT_SHOPPING_CART_EXCEEDED_WEIGHT_ERROR); and add this into program catalog/includes/languages/english/shopping_cart.php define(TEXT_SHOPPING_CART_EXCEEDED_WEIGHT_ERROR', 'The total weight exceeds the order limit '); or what ever you want to tell the customer. TEXT_SHOPPING_CART_EXCEEDED_WEIGHT_ERROR
  15. dittones

    Brain working slow.. How would I?

    Romania, I don't know of any contribution that will allow free shipping for a city... But I know how to write the code to do this.... The logic would be to hard code an if statement to test for that city and if it matches the city use the same setting for free shipment that is used for you weight...go into the shipping module that you use and scan for the literal free and if you find it that is where I would put the code test...if you can't find it that give me the name of the shipping module that you are using installed...and I will look at it... Hope this helps, dittone.com