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    easy populate error

    I change alle the ' by \' and it is th same pb. the products aren't in the reight categories and the name of categories aren't correct. Some taxes nemae are in categories, theres is a shift. I don't understand. Someone ?
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    Merlintx1969, Thanks for your reply but I found the problem. Yes, it was a proble with status, I changed the status to 3 (pending) for all is ok now. Bye
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    Hi, I'm french, sorry for my bad english but I need help with the module Oscaffilliate 1.01. Here my question : I placed an order via an affiliated link, all is OK. In the admin, in the dashboard (summarized sales, summarized clicks, the sale is not posted). However, in the report/ratio of sales of the admin part, I see well the sale of 119 euros with a commission of 5,99 euros to the affiliate. In space counts affiliated, I do not have anything either in the dashboard, but in the report/ratio of the sales of affiliated space, I see well the sale with the commission of 5,99 euros in the table. Here what I obtain : 09/11/2003 119.7?UR 5.00 % 5.99EUR Delivered List 1 to 1 (of the 1 sales) Result: 1 Current Amount of your profits (excl.) of: 0.00EUR Only the validated sales (delivered) are counted by our system! ------------- Why the current amount of my profits is at 0 euro ? Why in the dashboard admin and affiliated, the sales are not counted ? However the clics are counted in these dashboards but no sales. Is it normal ? Thanks for your help