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  1. dogpaw

    Customs Forms and International API Changes

    Has anyone found any relevant info for this issue? thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out.
  3. Is there a way to enable the Flat Rate shipping module for domestic customers only? In other words, when an international customer is logged in for purchase, they will not see the flat rate shipping. Flat Rate shipping is only for US customers. We have UPS enabled and we would like international customers to only use UPS. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've have this working LIVE so thanks for the contrib. But has anyone modified this contrib to relay the proper invoice number to Auth.net? Currently it just displays "1" for every order in the Auth.net Admin. thanks
  5. dogpaw

    Authorize.net charging CCs but not creating orders.

    I have not received any advice or fix on this yet.
  6. dogpaw

    Authorize.net charging CCs but not creating orders.

    Anyone find a solution to this issue yet? thanks
  7. dogpaw

    authorize.net - gives ERROR and CHARGES CC

    Did you manage to ever find a solution? I'm having this issue now myself on one my client's sites. Thanks
  8. Please direct me to an appropriate Contrib if one exists although I've done searching. My client's store wants to max out the shipping cost at a certain USPS shipping amount when the order total hits a certain dollar amount. Is this possible? For example, if the cart amount hits $85 in product, the shipping may be calculated by USPS at $10 but my client wants the ability to manually enter a max shipping fee of $8 (in the Admin) so that that one customer only pays $8 shipping max. Thanks
  9. dogpaw

    setting up UPS

    Just install the UPS shipping module in your Admin and set it to True. Also remember to configure your handling fee. I think it defaults to $1.50.
  10. I've installed the following contribution (HTTP_REFERER Referral 1.3)(http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2203/page,2). I keep getting the referrer as another page within the same OSC site. I'm using a plain HTML test page on one of the my other websites to link to this OSC site. It's on 2.2ms2 I found the announcement thread but can't find a support thread. Anyone have experience with this? The important usage of this contrib is for a site I built for a client who needs to track number of products sold on his site for customers who arrived from a banner ad elsewhere. The banner ad site requires a portion of the sales. thanks
  11. dogpaw


    I already have a full SSL cert on the server of my store and currently functioning with Auth.net. My client just wants to add Paypal. Will our SSL replace this OpenSSL you mention? I'm not familiar with OpenSSL thanks
  12. dogpaw

    PayPal not receiving Shipping fee

    Doesn't this still have the problem of the order NOT being logged in the database? The payment goes through fine, but...
  13. Customers who attempt to complete order through the Authorize.net payment gateway and get declined are logged as orders in the database. They are logged as "pending" orders that show on the home page of the Admin. However, those orders do not show up anywhere else in the admin so my store owner cannot delete them. They are forever shown and included in the Pending order numbers on the Admin home page. I have gone in and directly removed them from the database but I can't do this for my client (store owner) all the time.) What, if anything, can I modify in the Authnet module so that "declined" orders do not get posted in the DB. Thanks, C
  14. dogpaw

    PayPal not receiving Shipping fee

    Even if I do get this working. The transaction results do not get harvested from PayPal. It's a one-way module. C
  15. dogpaw

    PayPal not receiving Shipping fee

    Nope, not yet. I'm going to try some of the other PayPal contribs and see if I can find one that works. It's just frustrating that the default one doesn't work correctly. C