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  1. Terve Tero,


    You should have only sts_user_code.php in the parameter 'files for normal template'. The files sts_column_left.php and sts_column_right are already called respectively in includes/column_left.php and includes/column_right.php. If you add them in 'files for normal template', the code for the infoboxes will be processed twice and the main content will disappear or be strange.


    You can skin your infoboxes with this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1680

    or wait a while that STS can do it (it's in dev).


    To all of you who change the default template and do not see the result in your store: leave only sts_template.html in your template folder, remove the other templates. You can add them later when you are more familiar with STS PLUS.

  2. Try to place whatever text in you variable:


    $template_pinfo['relatedbox'] = 'Hello World'

    and check is it coming or not on the page. Is there any logic inside the code of the box that could prevent it from displaying? Run in debug mode and check for the content of the 'relatedbox' variable, is it empty or not?

  3. Do you mean that you want a category box that does not display the top level categories? That needs a hack of the categories.php box and has nothing to do with STS. Probably someone has done it already, search the forum.


    If you want that the only expanded category is the selected one, well, this is the stock osC behavior. by default the categories not selected are collapsed. Try the original categories.php box if it fits your needs, but once again, content of boxes is not modified by STS.


    - Rigadin

  4. So if I understand correctly, the relatedbox goes under the content, like the also purchased box.

    Based on that, I see 2 choices:

    1) place $relatedbox on your content template.

    2) As $relatedbox is already created in sts_column_left, make it available in content template by placing

    $template_pinfo['relatedbox']= $sts->template['relatedbox'];

    inside the file includes/modules/sts_inc/product_info.php

  5. Sorry I'm also out of topic, but this is a general tip for all CCGV users and osCommerce users in general:


    Use a file compare program to make your changes! On one side you have the 'clean' osC files delivered with the contribution and on the other side you have your shop. You can see the differences and make the necessary updates line by line if needed. I can't think working without this kind of tool. I'm using Beyond Compare from Scooter Software and it's great.


    - Rigadin

  6. If the infobox goes into a left or right column, then it has nothing to do with the content template. When you use a content template for your product_info.php page, another template is used for header, columns and footer (use the debug mode to see the path to this 'outside' template) and probably your infobox is missing on this one.


    If the place of your infobox is under the content, then do like this (in the 'outside' template):




    so $content will be replaced by the content template and $relatedbox by your infobox.


    - Rigadin

  7. For HTC users:

    The HTC contribution must be installed completely, except the modifications to categories.php. If meta tags do not show up in your pages, be sure that the values you enter in the product or category editor are saved in the database (are these values back when you edit again this product/category?). If this part is ok, put this line in the file includes/header_tags.php:


    If your page is blank, the file is correctly processed and refer to the HTC support forum for... support. If your page still shows up normally, you have not made the correct modifications in your catalog scripts (for non-STS PLUS users) or you have set something wrong in your STS PLUS modules (for STS PLUS users of course).


    For Htmlarea users:

    To make the ACA modules for htmlarea, I have used the version found in this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1347.

    You should have a look at TinyMCE for a cross-browser Wysiwyg editor!


    For Products Extra Fields users:

    There is now an ACA2 module for this contribution, available on its download page. There is also a new version of ACA, version 2.4, needed when using Products Extra Fields.


    - Rigadin

  8. I?m using the sts_template system and made some links on my page some using images and others as text.But i found a problem that i dont know what to do.For example, the "home" link.I dont want to use those $breadcumbs i only want a link "home".If a user makes login, ALL the other links (infoboxes) changes to something like this: link.php?osCsid=e85739eeb741b7225ed053fb54740742.I know that those numbers are some sort of identification of the user.


    Then i creat the link "home" in the sts_template, and put it like this: "<a href="index.php">Home</a>".If a logged user click on this link, he will logoff, because it doesnt generate those letters and numbers of identification.


    I wanted to know what should i do to generate that code.Thanks


    PS: Forgive my english :blush:


    Two choices

    - Create the link using osC functions, put it in an STS variable and place the corresponding placeholder on your template, this is the only way to get the osCsid to follow your customer from page to page.

    - Force the use of cookies (parameter in admin). The osCsid is not needed anymore. This is also more friendly for search engines and more secure. I'm not doing any store without forcing the use of cookies. If customers are not ready to accept cookies, for sure they are not ready to buy from internet!


    - Rigadin

  9. Help, i need help......


    I have installed product extra field and i want to install ACA 2.3 but i got problem. I can see ACA for products and ACA for category but i can't see the module. It say i don't have module in admin/includes/modules/categories or admin/includes/modules/products.


    Where can i get this module? I have search from aca 1 to aca 2.3.


    What is ACA 2.3 requirement ?


    Do you have full version for newest ACA?


    thank alot




    For now there is no ACA2 module for Products Extra Fields contribution and using the old module will give an error. I'll need this module one day but can't give any timetable when I'll do it.


    - Rigadin

  10. Here is problably the missing link, I have not put the $headcontent in my templates.

    I tryed to put the this <!--$headcontent--> between the <!-- start get_javascript(applicationtop2header) //--> and <!-- end get_javascript(applicationtop2header) //-->, but that didn't help. I look into the source of a product page and the only thing it shows is: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

    <base href="http://www.phf.se/catalog/">


    Not the meta keyward and description of the product.

    Have a done this wrong when a put the $headcontent in the template doc.?

    What are the new files in the catalog side you refer to?

    Thanks for quick reply and good support.


    You need to have <!--$headcontent--> in the <head> section of your template. You have installed the HTC ACA module, but you still need to install HTC on the catalog side: there is a file named header_tags.php in the catalog/include/ folder and also one file in each language folder.


    - Rigadin

  11. To Mark:

    SPPC is not a problem. Try to run STS PLUS in debug mode (add sts_debug=debug in URL) and you will see some more informations, like which template is being used and what code is in the placeholders. Check if the path to the template is correct.


    To qubertman:

    There are some boxes that change depending if customer is logged in or if there is a product displayed. This is the behaviour of "old" STS and it is still same with STS PLUS for compatibility reasons. However, with STS PLUS you also have a placeholder for each infobox separately, so if you use both, you will sometimes see two times the same box. Check the doc, there is a complete list of placeholders with their meaning.


    - Rigadin

  12. Do you mean how to change the skin of the infoboxes that display in the content area? Well, you have to find where they are build and change a function call. Example with includes/modules/new_products.php: near the end, call the function like this:

    new contentBox($info_box_contents, true, 1);

    Which will skin the box with skin number 1.

  13. Im trying to install the Infobox Skin Manager(http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1680), but im not quite which files to change. Should I change the sts_inc/sts_column_left.php instead of doing something too column_left.php - how about the other files which have been modified?


    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Thanks d1


    Infobox Skin Manager works very well with STS PLUS, and it helps a lot customizing your infoboxes! You should not install the whole contribution, as it has some options to skin also columns, header and footer (and you'll do this with STS PLUS). So, as far as I remember, you should follow the install instructions BUT DO NOT make any modification in header, column_left, column_right nor footer.php .


    By the way, I tried your site with DHTML menu but no way to see anything, only transferring stuffs but nothing came my screen. For this menu, there is a part to put just after the <body> tag, I told yesterday that have to modify all files in catalog... I don't know why I said so as this is something you can typically do with STS PLUS: create new variable with the code inside and place it on your template, like every other variable.


    - Rigadin

  14. DHTML menu:

    - For the 1st modification required after the <body> tag, I don't see any other way than modifying all files in catalog. Try with one file first, to see if the menu working.

    - For the 2nd modification required inside the <head> tags, you can put it directly inside the template instead than in the sts class.

    - The 3rd modification must be made in sts_column_left.php

  15. I have installed ACA2.3 and modules aca2_htc module. I must have done something wrong beacuse when I look at a product page there is no meta-tags in the page. I have in my Admin page were i can put in title, descition and keywords. I have tryied to do the installation one more time, but with same result. I also use STS plus. What file should i look for the wrong code? Can someone help me?


    My site: www.phf.se/catalog


    If you can see the meta tags in the product editor and save them, then the problem is in the catalog side.

    As you are using STS PLUS, have you copy the HTC file that is made for STS PLUS and have you configured the STS PLUS module(s) to use this file?


    - Rigadin

  16. I just installed STS Plus v4.0.7 and am working on the index page. I have a couple of left-column boxes that require the user to be logged in to see (the boxes have a container statement begining with "if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id'))""


    I created a variable for this box in "sts_user_code.php".


    When I load the index page, all the column boxes stretch across the top of the screenscreen. If I remove the "is-registered" statement from the box, the new box appears where it is supposed to in the column, and nothing stretches.


    Any ideas?




    Could you post the piece of code you did in sts_user_code?

    It should look like this:

    $sts->restart_capture ('notificationbox', 'box');

    The 'box' parameter is important to remove some <tr><td> that are added to all boxes. Without this the layout is mixed. You can also run STS PLUS in debug mode and check if you custom boxes have extra html comparing to other boxes.


    - Rigadin

  17. Any body know if STS Plus generates this type of query and if so, where can I find it? This is a repeat and I'd like to clean it up a little.


    select count(*) as count from categories where parent_id =


    Did you check with STS PLUS disabled? I have feeling that this is not STS PLUS problem. The infobox categories.php calls the function tep_has_category_subcategories, which has this type of query. Use the cache function for category box to reduce queries.


    - Rigadin

  18. i am using your contribution, but i am also using Admin Acesss, and when i installed your contribution in the admin panel i get the following problems








    these are displayed instead of the correct titles. Any ideas on how to resolve this???


    btw your theming contribution rocks =)

    You most probably made a mistake during installation of STS PLUS. This contribution does not interfere with Admin Access.


    - Rigadin

  19. Has anyone customised the product/category listing using STS/STS Plus? I'm currently creating a fairly radical redesign using STS Plus but am struggling to find out where to edit the OSCommerce code to produce a category/product listing that'd fit in with my design.


    The product listing is generated here: catalog\includes\modules\product_listing.php and unfortunately it cannot be changed by template, you'll have to modify the php code.


    - Rigadin