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  1. I made a payment module that checks if the balance can pay the total. If yes, the module shows up like a normal payment module (see it herehere). If no, the module does not show up and the original checkbox appears so customer can choose or not to use his balance, but he must anyway choose a "normal" payment method. This way of doing does not require javascript, only one line in checkout_payment + 1 new payment module + ot_gv to replace. First time I read the thread I didn't go that far backward, but then I found it. Thanks anyway for the informations I'm not intimidated but a bit lazy to make all these modifications :D Your method and mine are doing same, but with different code and a bit different display. They are much better than the original one and are "easier to understand". I made the payment module already (still few tests but sounds very good so far) with actually few modifications to the existing code. This new module is using ot_gv methods so we are sure that calculation in payment page and later in confirmation page are same (and less coding too). => I would prefer use my version of course. I can post it here when I've finalized it and we can discuss again. - Rigadin
  2. Rigadin

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    There is no <!--$headcontent--> tag in your template, and many things in your header that probably put mess with STS. Find in the doc the part that speak about <!--$headcontent--> and try to start from an empty header and add your home-made stuffs one by one. Check also your categories menu with Mozilla, it does not work well, at least for me. - Rigadin
  3. Rigadin

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    What version of osCommerce are you using? If it's 2.2MS2, then you should not have "error_message" but 2 other parameters, one giving the module code and the other the error message. Look for an update of the module. If it's 2.2MS1, then I can't help. - Rigadin
  4. I have fixed all what I found. But I did not read enough backward inside this thread and did not see your "easier to understand" solution, which makes quite much sense. The problem I had with the checkbox not showing up was when the coupon modules has bigger sort order than the gift voucher module, so it overwrites the checkbox (I'm using v5.12 as a base). I found a much complicated fix for the "unregister", which will work for all modules without modifying checkout_payment.php, but is there many modules coming? Probably not => I'll take your more simple solution into my next update. For your "Anoter bug", I did not see it but will make some more tests tomorrow. I'm now testing another solution for the "easier to understand" stuff by using a payment module that checks the amounts => behaves like a normal payment module => no need to make many modifications to the existing code. Back tomorrow... - Rigadin
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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    This is a good solution, better than what I proposed. This script cannot be inserted into the original STS script as it will generate an error to those who do not have SPPC installed, but it would be nice to put it in the doc of SPPC. - Rigadin
  6. Rigadin

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    The $regularprice field is built inside includes/sts_product_info.php and displays only the "osc original price". I think the cleanest way to display the SPPC is to create a new field that will contain the SPPC price and use this new field inside your template. Check sts_product_info.php to see how it's done. I hope it helps a bit - Rigadin
  7. I agree to this comment, I took the latest full package available and made the necessary security updates to find out that many functionalities are buggy! Reading this forum I found many people with problems but no real support. This contribution is great, but the code is quite complicated. I have made a list of found bugs and as I prefer coding than reading forums, I'm preparing a new release (should be ready this week). Please advise if you found more bugs. - Gift voucher checkbox to use the balance in checkout_payment page is not visible. - If visible, the checkbox is not working correctly: try to go to next page with the checkbox checked, then back, then again next page but with checkbox unchecked. In my case it was still using the balance even I unchecked the box. - Division by zero error when customer wants to use its balance to pay, but he also enters a discount coupon code that is enough to pay the total. (So zero to pay with the gift voucher) - The errors generated by the modules are visible only in the URL! Nothing shown on the checkout_payment page like other payment module do. - The shopping_cart infobox link to popup is not working if you use STS. Some tips for new users: - install it using a comparison tool (like Beyond Compare). I did it on a moded store without problem. - read the documentation on how to configure it. - Be careful the order total sort order. Calculations are made in the order defined. For example everything put after the final total will not be counted inside the total. Back soon, Rigadin
  8. I've just updated the Header Tag Controller contribution with the ACA module for categories meta tags. - Rigadin