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  1. Please disregard my previous post. Stretchr
  2. I cannot run the setup without having register_globals turned on in php.ini, according to the error message I am receiving. Does anyone know how the code needs to be changed so that it will work with register_globals off? Thanks, Stretchr
  3. I'm not positive but I seem to remember when we used their TPP-Catalog, that was able to differentiate the portion of the total that was recurring and only used that amount. I'm not much of a coder but if I can figure out how to call the variable that relates to the amount we want to be recurring, if we put that into the 'repeatamount' we might be able to achieve what we're looking for. Also, for some reason, all the charges I submit that are recurring use the 180 day, Semi-annual regardless of which one I've selected. Guess it's time to actually try to learn PHP! Cheers, Stretchr
  4. Just noticed something. We sell domain names and web hosting, among other things. If you register a domain name and order a recurring hosting plan, they get lumped together and the recurring amount is the total, not the hosting total. Is this a problem for you as well? Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks, Cheers, Stretchr
  5. I just logged in tonight preparing to ask someone to give me a hand getting Paysystems recurring billing to work properly and I came across your thread when I did my search. Thanks for making the contribution. I need to have monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles but I'm hoping that your contribution gives me enough of a hint to modify it to do what I need. It's more functional than what I have been using. Any way, thank you for making the contribution! Cheers, Stretchr
  6. stretchr

    Paysystems FIX what does it FIX?

    If you do a search on Paysystems you will find the threads explaining both the problem and the fix. Only certain circumstances require it. Cheers, Stretchr
  7. I got the same error and when I looked at the database table, the entry was already in there. As for manually turning it on/off, you could just change the SQL entry from True to False. That's what I did. I finally ended up uninstalling this mod, however, because unlike some of you, I could never get it working. Oh, well. Hope that helps. Cheers, Stretchr
  8. I'm using MS2 with Autologin mod., along with multiple others. I installed PWA 0.60c without any problem but when I do a test I get to Order_info_process.php and keep getting the error Your E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid - please make any necessary corrections. no matter what email address I enter. I've checked the database and none of the email addresses I've tried are already in use and the temporary user created by PWA is not in the database at this point. Anyone know what might cause this? I've gone over the code several times and everything appears to be installed correctly. Thanks, Stretchr
  9. What's the answer regarding this mod? Should it be installed with MS2 and, if so, has anyone successfully modified the contribution to work with MS2? Thanks, Stretchr
  10. Has anyone updated this contribution to MS2? Thanks, Stretchr
  11. I emailed Pavel and got an immediate reply with the info for installing to MS2. Works great now! Cheers, Stretchr
  12. stretchr

    [Contribution] CVV2 Info

    Warren, Did you ever get the Flash for Amex finished? Thanks for the contrib! Cheers, Stretchr
  13. stretchr

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Jonathan, thanks very much for the work you've done on this. I'm especially impressed that with all the different suggestions you've remained responsive, helpful and unperturbed! Well done! Do you want interested parties to PM you about this because I'm certainly interested. Thanks once again, Cheers, Stretchr
  14. Can't help you but I agree. This would be a nice addition. Cheers, Stretchr
  15. Unable to download Purchase Without Account contribution dated 15 Aug. 2003. Can anyone download it or is this a problem with the uploaded file? Thanks.
  16. Cheers Lee Thanks, Lee. The problem with using javascript is something I don't know how I can get around in a situation such as this. I'll give it a go. Cheers, Stretchr
  17. I'm trying to figure out how to get this to work in MS2. I found the line: if (isset($cPath) && strpos('_', $cPath)) { in index.php and appended to it to end up with: <?php if (isset($cPath) && strpos('_', $cPath)) { if ( $cPath == 26 ) // replace 32 with your cPath number { ?> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> window.open ('https://secure.comodo.net/products/frontpage?ap=Web-DJNETInstantSSL&area=SSL&product=43&reseller=y') </SCRIPT> <?php } I set up the category 26 as Free Trial SSL Certificate but when I click the link, nothing happens except I bring up the osC page for that category but I also get no errors so I'm wonding if I am at least close to having this right? BTW, that URL actually works if anyone wants to get a free trial COMODO InstantSSL certificate. Thanks, Stretchr
  18. I would also be interested in this for MS2. Cheers, Stretchr
  19. I get the same error and also get one if I put an IP address into the Admin IP field. Cheers, Stretchr
  20. That fixed it, thanks. What was the code that was preventing changes from being saved? Cheers, Stretchr
  21. Thanks. I get no errors at all. Probably something incredibly obvious but I just don't see it. Cheers, Stretchr
  22. stretchr


    I'd love to see an osC extension for DMX! And if you get it certified by Macromedia, just think what a boost that would be toward getting osC into the e-commerce software mainstream, considering how many people visit Macromedia Exchange! Excellent idea. Good luck. Cheers, Stretchr
  23. stretchr

    How to redirect checkout

    You might look at some of the payment modules since they do essentially what you're looking for. References for PHP can be found at http://www.php.net HTH Cheers, Stretchr
  24. stretchr

    'tep_array_merge' observation

    Just came across this list. Thank you for posting it Harald! I found out about the tep_array_merge issue on another post but now I can just do find and replace on all the others for all my mods. This makes it easy! Cheers, Stretchr
  25. :? Got this mod installed in MS2 and everything is showing up but for some reason, I am unable to change any of the values in the Admin Config panel. All 14 of the settings show up (I added that last set of code by asiabound) but I can't change any of them. Hmmmm. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Stretchr